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My big Ugly for 2009-2010

Written by Curt Popejoy on 05/04/2009

Anyone who's been around a while knows I typically latch onto one offensive lineman, maybe not the big name, and try and really get them out there early to the masses. Somtimes it's a hit, and sometimes it's a miss. My past big uglies are.

2002-Kevin Shaffer
2003-Wayne Hunter
2004-Nick Leckey
2005-Michael Roos
2006-Jeromey Clary
2007-Mansfield Wrotto
2008-Carl Nicks
2009-Troy Kropog

This year's Big Ugly was tough to decide on. I see a lot of lesser known guys ending up great pros. I think James Williams the big tackle from Harvard is an interesting prospect. He's got ideal size, and you know he's a smart player coming out of Harvard. I think that Keith Buckman, OT North Dakota State could make a move up draft boards with another big year. He's very athletic, and so consistent. But I decided to go with a guard for my guy this year. And yes it's a guy. My big ugly for 2009(2010 draft) is Shelley Smith, OG Colorado State.

The thing that game Smith the edge for me, among my final 3, was level of competition. Smith has shown he can play at a very high level against top flight competition, especially compared to the other two. I actually discovered Smith by accident two years ago, when as a Sophomore played very well against Colorado. From that point on, I've kept my eye on Smith and have been really impressed with his athleticism and how smart a player he is. Watching him this past season, against the best teams CSU faced, Utah, Cal, TCU and BYU, Smith's ability to pull and be a force in the run game, really impressed me. Not sure how NFL ready he is to be a pass protector, but I have little doubts he can move and pull and get to the second level and finish in the run game.

I plan to watch Smith very closely this year, especially a 4 week stretch where they play at Provo against BYU, at Idaho, then home for Utah and at TCU. Those games will show me where Smith is in terms of his development and what his ceiling is as far as NFL potential. If he can play well for that month, I have little doubts he can develop into an NFL caliber RG and could possible be athletic enough if he can pass protect better to move to LG. Mark it down, because Shelley Smith is my big ugly of the year.

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