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If I were a GM, 2009 draft edition...

Written by Curt Popejoy on 09/02/2009

I know I've done this in the past with teams like taking Detroit's draft position and seeing what could do as their GM. But I realized that isn't enough for me. I want to see what I can do, if I don't have access to the top players in each round. So I set myself up a little experiement I hope to carry on season after season. I am the GM of a ficticious football team. We'll call them the DraftBoard Insiders(clever, huh?). And what I'm going to do is every year, after the draft is take the middle of each round and select one player for each round and 5 undrafted free agents. Then over the course of the season I will update everyone on how they are doing and next season when I do this same thing I will draft with these players already on my roster.

Now before you start emailing me to tell me a player I picked has already been cut, put on IR or the PUP or whatever don't worry about it. I have purposely made these choices without researching their current status on teams. Just taking the guy I think is the best player among that group at a position. So without further ado, I give you the Insiders 2009 draft.

First Round-Brian Orakpo DE Texas
Second Round-Max Unger C Oregon
Third Round-Roy Miller DT Texas
Fourth Round-Shawn Nelson TE Southern Miss
Fifth Round-Fenuki Tupou OT Oregon
Sixth Round-James Davis RB Clemson
Seventh Round-Mike Mickens CB Cincinnati

Dominque(DJ) Johnson, CB Jackson State
Darry Beckwith, LB LSU
Chris Baker, DT Hampton
Will Ta'ufo'ou, FB, California
Quan Cosby WR Texas

Ok, that's my starting draft. Every 4 weeks of the season I will update these guys playing(or not playing) status. And don't worry, I'm a big boy. So if Shawn Nelson turns out to be a raging stink bomb, you can tell me. I can handle it. But if Chris Hampton ends up a great NT, I'd like a little props as well. So check back in a few weeks for the first update on my first NFL draft. And as always if you have questions comments or just hate mail, send it to curt@draftboardinsider.com

Last Edited: 09/02/2009

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