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Top 5 Power Poll...Week 2 edition

Written by Curt Popejoy on 09/13/2009

With two weeks of incredible football in the books, I can really see 5 teams who so far have shown themselves to be better than the rest.  My power poll each week will vary in length depending on who steps up and who falters.


1.Florida-They've played crap teams, but I've always said the champ is the champ until someone beats them. It's hard to guage  just how talented this team is two weeks in, but they appear to be far and away the most talented team in the country on both sides of the ball.

2.USC-After watching them beat Ohio State on the road, I have to give them the nod here.  I'm not sure they can maintain all year with their schedule but for this week at least, they would be my National Title matchup team with the Gators.  Note to the coaching staff-You have the best oline in the country.  Sticking with one running back makes their job easier so do it.

3.Texas-I'd have probably left Texas at 2, if they hadn't decided to nap through the first half of their game with Wyoming yesterday.  I'm not sure the pressure isn't getting to Texas and Mack Brown needs to get that in check if he wants a shot at a title. 

4.Alabama-After watching them against Virginia Tech two weeks ago, I figured they'd throw it in cruise against Florida International and just save themselves for the rest of the year.  But they, like Texas came out flat against a bad team and looked more than beatable in the first half.  They rallied in the second, mainly behind a crippling defense, and routed the Golden Panthers.  The Tide have a pretty favorable schedule so if they can keep it dialed in, they have a good shot to win out.

5.Michigan-Yeah I said it. No one knew what to do with Michigan in the polls going into this season, so they were unranked.  But I guarantee they will be middle of the top 25 tomorrow and rightfully so.  Their schedule is tough, so it'll take a huge effort to stay in the mix, but as of now, and the effort they put out yesterday, I have no problem putting them here for now.

Probably the next 5 in no order-Penn State, Ole Miss., Cal, LSU, and Georgia Tech

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Last Edited: 09/13/2009

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