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My new Heisman Ballot

Written by Curt Popejoy on 09/23/2009

It's so great that here we are a month into the season, and we have some new names to talk about in terms of the Heisman Trophy.  Here's my breakdown of the frontrunners and those running with the back of the pack.



  Jacory Harris, QB Miami-Harris is going to have lots of big games this year.  He's the Hurricane's playmaker and the offense leans on him.  What he must do to stay on the Heisman radar isn't put up huge stats.  It's win.  As long as Miami keeps winning, Harris is in the team photo. The team falters, and as a Sophomore, he's going to be a forgotten young man.  No, it's not fair, but it's the way it is.  It would be great to see the Hurricanes program turn itself around, and on the arm and legs of this kid is a great way to do it.  Circle that game against a newly stout Sooner defense as make for break for Harris.

Jahvid Best, RB Cal-I think in most people's eyes, Best is the top running back in the nation, and rightfully so.  That alone gets you a nod.  You figure in some pretty impressive stats and that helps.  But if you want to win the Heisman, you have to have HUGE games.  I don't mean 131 yards and 5 TDs against Minnesota.  I mean 200 total yards and 3 scores against USC.  It's game MVP in the final game of the year against Washington to win the PAC-10.  Best is a very talented player and no doubt he has the potential to do it.

Tim Tebow, QB Florida-Meh, I almost hate to do this.  But the reality is, the Gators keep winning, and regardless of what shows up in the box score Tebow will get the credit for it.  The fact is, he looked pretty average against Tennessee and had a game that would bury most Heisman front runners.  But Tebow has been taken under the wing of all sports media so for the most part he can really do no wrong as long as the Gators win.  

Almost there

Colt McCoy, QB Texas-McCoy isn't quite as "bad game bulletproof" as Tebow, but he's close.  He's got plenty of big games to rebound from his mediocre performance, albeit in a win against Texas Tech.  Seems that the Longhorns have not found their stride on either side of the ball, and if they aren't playing inspired football, the nation may not pay enough attention.

Jevan Sneed, QB Ole Miss-My super sleeper pick from the start of the year, and he has not disappointed.  He's about to find himself nuggets deep in the SEC schedule and this is where we'll see what Sneed is made of.  We should know after the October 10th game with Alabama if he's Heisman material.

 I can see you waving from the back of the room

Todd Reesing, QB Kansas-With the big name Big 12 QBs all faltering, Reesing is building a resume' that is going to have to garner some attention, assuming the Jayhawks can keep winning.

Tony Pike, QB Cincinnati-When I said I was a believer, I meant it.  Pike and this Bearcat teams are going to continue to put up ridiculous stats all year, and so long as those are paired with wins, Pike will be the reason.

Jerry Hughes, DE, TCU-There's been no defensive player in the country who's been more dominant at Hughes.  In only 2 games he's averaging 8 tackles and 2 sacks per game.  He's seeing a steady diet of double teams and it just hasn't mattered.  Hughes is working hard not only to garner post season honors, but a very high draft pick.

Out of the race already

Sam Bradford, QB Oklahoma-He's missed 2 and a half games, and could miss at least one more.  His ability to recover and do what needs to be done with so many limited chances, doesn't bode well  Figure in super Freshman Landry Jones and what he's done as his fill in, doesn't help his case.  The real question is, does Bradford go ahead and declare for the draft next April, or try for one more year at glory.


Last Edited: 09/23/2009

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