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Snap Judgment Florida/LSU

Written by Curt Popejoy on 10/11/2009

I tweeted several times last night, I was cringing whenever Tebow was left to run, because you just didn't know what was going to happen. His head slapped the turf twice in that first drive and I wondered if he'd make it through the game. But Urban Meyer had a plan, and the plan worked perfectly.

The way Florida won was impressive, but the way the LSU coaching staff failed to make adjustments was really disappointing. It didn't take long to realize on those zone reads, Tebow was not keeping the football, but when Les Miles finally accounted for it, too late, they let Tebow run on some keeps and he was able to get yards without taking the big hits he's known for. I have to say it was odd to see Florida on third and short not have Tebow just plow his way into the line. I suspect we won't see much of that the rest of the season, but I applaud Tebow for being able to have that kind of discipline. Tebow also impressed me with his accuracy last night, and his quick decisions in the passing game. I don't think Tebow will ever be a great NFL quarterback, but that does not diminish what he's able to accomplish as a thrower in college. Demps and Moody handled the bulk of the rushing, and they were able to just gash the Tiger defense for big gains. That all comes back to the tenent that you can't coach speed. When your team is a half step faster than the other team, you will win most of those battles.

For LSU, I think their future is grim. Hear me out. Brandon LaFell, Charles Scott, Keiland Williams, and Ciron Black are all seniors. The window for them to win may just slam shut on them at the end of this season. This was their year to make a statement, but ultimately inconsistent offensive line play, and a young quarterback in Jordan Jefferson is going to keep them out of the mix this year. This are more hopeful on defense, but unless Miles can reload their skill players, their defense won't be enough to carry them next year. Let me say this, all things considered, I think the Tiger defense played very stout last night, holding the Gators offense to 13 point, but their offense let them down. At this point, they need to just look forward to this year, and they need to kick that offensive line in the butt and get them playing better.

Florida on the other hand is on cruise control. The best all around defense in the country, a dominant offensive line, 3 great running backs, and the poster boy for rallying at quarterback. Their schedule plays out pretty well, getting the fast rising Razorbacks at Florida, with their only big road test left at South Carolina. The idea of a Florida/Alabama matchup as an SEC title game is huge. Probably the two best teams in the country, and in all likelihood they won't get to play each other for the national title. Winner will get in and the loser gets the shaft.

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