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Updated one round mock draft

Written by Curt Popejoy on 10/20/2009

   1. St. Louis-Jimmy Clausen, QB Notre Dame-Probably could go Bradford or Locker here, but Clausen is the most NFL ready and the Rams need help now, not  later.

   2. Tampa Bay-Ndamukong Suh, DT Nebraska-This team is a train wreck, but on defense they've been brutal.  Suh if the most dominant defensive player in the nation.

   3. Kansas City-Russell Okung, OT Oklahoma State-This oline has been awful, and a LT like Okung would fix two problems because they could move Branden Albert back to guard.

   4.  Tennessee-Jake Locker, QB Washington-I don't think Jeff Fisher's job is in trouble, but I do believe they trade Vince Young in the offseason and start fresh with a new quarterback.

   5. Detroit-Eric Berry, S Tennessee-At this point, Berry is probably the best player in the board, and would immediately upgrade the Lions defense.

   6. Cleveland-Sam Bradford, QB Oklahoma-I'm not sure Bradford comes out, but if he does, he'll make a nice pick here for the Browns, and they can dump Brady Quinn.

   7. Oakland-Taylor Mays, S USC-Mays measureables will give Al Davis a chub in his wind suit.  He is an awesome player, and would make a good defense even better.

   8. Buffalo-Tim Tebow, QB Florida-The QB clean out continues with the Bills who dump Edwards for Tebow. 

   9. Jacksonville-Gerald McCoy, DT Oklahoma-This team probably needs a safety or quarterback more, but with the run on both positions, they go BPA with McCoy.

  10. San Francisco - from Carolina-Trent Williams, OT Oklahoma-I suspect Williams will go far too high.  The Niners need a tackle, and Williams does fill that qualification.

  11. Washington-Ryan Mallett, QB Arkansas-It's a stretch to put Mallett in as a redshirt sophomore, but with the promise of an uncapped year, I think you could see a huge rush of underclassmen wanting in, before the rookie pay scale. 

  12. Seattle-Joe Haden, CB Florida-This pick is a lock if Ken Lucas leaves via FA.  The Seahawks are really thin at cornerback.

  13. Houston-Ras-I Downing, CB Virginia-Another team who struggles in coverage, and could use an upgrade.

  14. San Francisco-Charles Brown OT USC-The Niners could really use an upgrade at right tackle, and Brown seems to be developing quickly and has a ton of potential.

  15. San Diego-Terrence Cody, DT Alabama-This team's run D has fallen apart with out Jamal Williams, so his eventual replacement must be had sooner rather than later.

  16. Miami-Rolando McClain, LB Alabama-Big head knocker for the middle of that 3-4 defense.

  17. Philadelphia-Bruce Campbell, OT Maryland-Might be a bit of a reach here, but this team is desperate for help along their offensive line.

  18. Arizona-Jermaine Gresham, TE Oklahoma-I can totally see the Cardinals add yet another weapon in the passing game, and assuming Gresham is healthy, he's a great pick here. 

  19. Cincinnati-Jahvid Best, RB Cal-Ced Benson has been a nice player for Cinci, but in today's NFL you really need a second back to compete and Best would be the lightning to Benson's thunder.

  20. Denver - from Chicago-Arthur Jones, DT Syracuse-Jones is a versatile player who can probably play end or nose tackle in the 3-4 and would add some nice depth for the Broncos.

  21. Green Bay-Jerry Hughes, DE/LB TCU-This kid is all but unstoppable rushing the passer, and would make a great rush OLB in the Packers 3-4 defense.

  22. New York Jets-Carlos Dunlap, DE Florida-This is probably too early for Dunlap but his triangle numbers will get him drafted sooner than he should. He has ideal size and speed but looks to be a little lazy(I am being generous).

  23. Dallas-Golden Tate, WR Notre Dame-Honestly if Tate comes out, he should go much sooner, but he would be a huge steal for the Cowboys.

  24. New England-Travis Lewis, LB Oklahoma-The Patriots want to get younger and more athletic on defense, and Lewis is a fabulous player who leaves the Sooners early.

  25. Pittsburgh-Anthony Davis, OT, Rutgers-The one weak link in this team is it's offensive line, and the coaching staff finally decide to make it a first round priority.

  26. New York Giants-Morgan Burnett, FS Georgia Tech-If it's true that Kenny Phillips injury is career ending, the Giants may be forced to reach of a player like Burnett if they can't trade up to get Mays or Berry.

  27. Atlanta-Greg Hardy, DE Ole Miss-The Falcons are going to need to get the eventual replacement for John Abraham, and Hardy is an elite pass rush end for the 4-3 defense.

  28. Baltimore-Brandon LaFell, WR LSU-The Ravens are pretty thin at at wide out, so adding a playmaker like LaFell would be a huge bonus.

  29. New Orleans-Sean Weatherspoon, LB Missouri-When you have that much offense it only makes sense to continue to build the defense, and Weatherspoon is a 3 position linebacker who defends the pass and the run very well.

  30. Seattle from Denver-CJ Spiller, RB Clemson-This team probably needs a tackle more, but getting an explosive player like Spiller would be a nice consolation prize.

  31. Minnesota-Dez Bryant, WR Oklahoma State-Farve will come back for one more year, and the front office will reward him with another nice big target in the passing game.

  32. Indianapolis-Brandon Spikes, LB Florida-The Colts for all their talent still need help on defense particularly against the run.  A DT could be a possibility here as well.

Last Edited: 10/20/2009

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