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College Football Snap Judgements-Week 10

Written by Curt Popejoy on 11/08/2009

What an amazing Saturday of football. The NCAA never fails to impress me week after week. More drama than a soap opera, and more effort than the NFL could ever have. Some upsets I called, and some others I didn't, but here's my wrap up of what I saw today.

Alabama/LSU - The game of the week did not disappoint. A couple of things really worked in 'Bama's favor. One was the injuries to LSU's starting quarterback and running back, both of whom were gashing the Tide D, until they got hurt. The other thing that worked in their favor is, they are able to hand the football off to the best player in the country in Mark Ingram. That Florida/Alabama showdown continues to loom large for a spot in the BCS title game. Oh and another bang up job by those crappy SEC refs, especially on the LSU interception they dropped the ball on.

Another huge call in a huge game, that was dead wrong.

And in the BCS Title game, it look like they are going to be playing Texas. The Longhorns just steamrolled UCF, and on both sides of the ball really asserted themselves. Colt McCoy padded his stats in a big way for his late Heisman run, and Jordan Shipley had a game that came straight off the Xbox.

Texas is hitting it's stride at just the right time and with the looks of the Big 12 North, should cruise through the Big 12 Title game.

Oregon/Stanford - Yeah, I called this one. Oregon got half a hundred hung on them, and you don't win conference titles when you get half a hundred hung on you. This game screamed trap game and it delivered. My thoughts on it was that Stanford pound the ball on the ground. 38 carries by Toby Gerhart? Check. Then take shots deep. 4 catches for 111 yards by Chris Owusu? Check. This game was too easy to plan out, and Stanford made it happen.

Ohio State/Penn State - Man did Penn State lay an egg. They had the Big Ten title in the palms of their hands, and they gaffed. Congrats to the Buckeyes who are now in the drivers seat for the Big Ten title. Penn State on the other hand, just gave their season up, like a prom date gives up her virginity. Without much of a fight.

I am going to talk about Iowa and Notre Dame together. Why? Because as I've said for several weeks, all these shootouts against mediocore teams would catch up to you. I just didn't know it would happen to both of you the same week. The polls will not be kind to the Hawkeyes, and the Fighting Irish, well it was nice knowing you. See you next year, probably without your start qb and wr.

TCU is the real deal like Evander Holyfield. I know a dumb line, but if you have had a chance to see TCU play this year you understand. A program formerly known only for defense, has become a dominant offensive team as well especially on the ground today to the tune of 313 yards. I realize San Diego State is not BCS buster, but TCU has proven themselves week after week. Everyone is talking about the Big 3 at the top, but for my money there are a Big 4, and TCU is a part of it.

How about Stanford and Arizona? Great to see these two programs making a big comeback. Well coached, great recruiting, and amazing gameplanning. Both teams are helping improve the PAC-10 in a big way.

Am I the only person who sees Texas, Alabama, and Florida all play, and think Florida is the worst of the 3? Seems like it to me. Florida keeps winning, but this isn't that 2008 team that looked so dominant last year. I had to think that Alabama is licking their chops at the chance to run down the throats of the Gators.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Jahvid Best who had a nasty injury today. I have never been an advocate of players launching themselves like that, regardless of the situation, but at this point, I just hope he's alright.

Landry Jones had the worst game I've seen out of an Oklahoma quarterback in ten years. That was as miserable an effort as he could have made. The oklahoma defense played their hearts out, to keep the team in the game, and Jones just kept giving it back. Not feeling good this is the future of OU football.

Ryan Mallett is a great quarterback. All of his critics need to watch what he did today against a very good South Carolina defense. Mallett needs to get out now, and get to the NFL. It's been proven the last few years, You let Bobby Petrino have a great NFL prospect for too long like Brian Brohm or Hunter Cantwell and he can ruin them. Get out now Ryan.

The Cincinnati Bearcats win a shootout with Uconn. Bigtime exciting finish, but they just don't have enough defense to be a serious contender. If Uconn can run it up, what would Texas do? Jake Locker is regressing as a quarterback. I think right now it would be a big mistake for him to declare because he's just not ready. Another year in that system would do him wonders but right now, he's not at all NFL ready. Jimmy Clausen on the other hand, is.

Ryan Mathews had another huge game, and if he declares could be the first back off the board next April.

I predict tomorrow everyone who was riding the jock of Jeremiah Masoli last week for the Heisman will not climb about the Case Keenum bandwagon. I'll pass. Mark Ingram for Heisman!!!!

Last Edited: 11/08/2009

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