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Snap Judgment College Football Week 11

Written by Curt Popejoy on 11/16/2009

This weekend promised big excitement and it delivered. Once again the NCAA rolled out a slate of amazing matchup and incredible performances. Some of the things that stood out to me as I poured over these games all weekend.

In the TCU/Utah game you could just see that every time Utah got a little momentum, TCU just choked it off either with a big play off defense or on offense. In my latest power poll I am going to have a hard time not just being a jerk and putting TCU in the top 2, because honestly, I don't know if there's a team in the nation that could beat them right now.

If Alabama doesn't get nailed for giving Mark Ingram special privledges not only to reward him for this year, but to also try and coax him back next year they aren't trying hard enough. I know Alabama has a great defense, but Superman wears Mark Ingram pajamas. The kid can do it all. He may not be in the lead statistically in rushing and he's not a kick returner to pad his stats, but there's no back in the country who can do everything he can. And do it with so much heat on him. If Alabama wins the SEC and the BCS title, they will have Ingram to thank for it, first and foremost. As for Alabama, they dispatched Mississippi State and now look to be one mathcup with Florida from playing for a national title.

The fall of Troy is sweet. USC are frauds. You don't get half a hundred hung on you twice and belong in the top 25. Pollsters insist on including them, out of reputation but that's not a good football team at all. I wouldn't be shocked if they lost to Arizona in the season finale as well. They will be better this year, assuming Barkley develops and they can replace another group of seniors, but this year, they are a sham.

Any hope Houston had of some BCS love, and that Case Keenum had at the Heisman got left on the field in Orlando. Nice to know ya. Better luck next year.

One team that is hitting it's stride at just the right time is Georgia Tech. The option offense is in rhythm and the defense looks refreshed and playing well. If they can win the ACC they will be a great matchup or someone in a BCS bowl.

Texas took another step toward a Big 12 title, and I'm impressed that Mack Brown pulled back leading 40-0 at halftime rather than just step on the Baylor Bears neck in an effort to pad Colt McCoy's stats.

How great is that December 5th matchup between Pittsburgh and Cincinnati? Could have huge implications.

Ryan Mallett continues to impress the Hell out of me. Love watching him play. December 9th at LSU could decide his NFL fate.

The grand poobah of idiots, LeGarrette Blount didn't see the field in a blowout win over Arizona State. And he didn't punch anyone. A win/win for the Ducks.

The return of Kendall Hunter to full health on the Oklahoma State Cowboys means they are much much better. But it's too late to matter as they really can't win the Big 12.

The University of Miami (FL) are done, and Jacory Harris everyone's(but mine) Heisman frontrunner a few weeks ago, now has 16ints to go with 19tds. Nice knowing ya.

Is the first pick in the 2012 draft going to be Andrew Luck? Best freshman in the nation, with a ton of teams with freshman playing huge roles this year.

I have to wonder how good DeMarco Murray would be, if he were 100 percent. You can just see watching him run, the explosion and acceleration he had at the start of last season, just isn't there and may never be.

I hear next week in an effort to get C.J. Spiller even more pub, they are going to have him taking tickets before the game, selling hot dogs at halftime and directing traffic from the stadium after the game.

Is Jake Locker still really considering a move to the NFL the way he's played the second half of the year?

The college football regular season is starting to wind down, but things are just heating up!

Last Edited: 11/16/2009

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