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Snap Judgments-Week 13 college football

Written by Curt Popejoy on 11/29/2009

College football never fails to disappoint if you are a fan. This weekend, when most non-college fans said would be a dull holiday weekend for the NCAA, it was once again incredibly exciting with top ranked teams falling in rivalry games, being pushed to overtime, and in terms of players, the Heisman Trophy picture comes into view.

I have a ton of games to comment on, so let's pop it off!!!

KU/Missouri-Caoch Mangino is likely out of a job, but he didn't help himself with how the game ended yesterday.  The Kansas defense had a chance with just over a minute to go, to let Missouri score, and getting the ball back to their offense, only down 4.  But instead they tackle him inside the 20, and Missouri was simply able to run out the clock, and hit the chip shot field goal.  Horrible coaching move.  Not horribly like Les Miles last weekend, but enough that it'll be another reason to fire Mangino.

Texas/Texas A&M-After a brutal day of turkey, pie and crappy NFL football, I would like to thank Texas and Texas A&M for saving football on Thanksgiving.  What an exciting matchup and for Colt McCoy a great chance to showcase himself to Heisman voters.

Alabama/Auburn-Alabama pulled out a close victory in the Iron Bowl, but the real story is how this game has cost Mark Ingram the Heisman.  I've already posted my feelings on this, so I won't go back into it again, but suffice it to say, Alabama has a pretty big game next week, and Heisman voters might want to hang onto those ballots for another week.

Pitt/West Virginia-What a great game, and what an effort by West Virginia.  I'm not sure how it gets better than a last second field goal to win a rivalry game.  Huge loss for Pitt, who now have to beat Cinci next week to win the Big East.  That'll be a tall order.

Clemson/South Carolina-Goodbye CJ Spiller.  It was nice knowing you.  This is yet another crappy game by the overhyped Clemson kick returner and part time running back.  If Spiller isn't dumped off ballots after this game, then voters should be stripped of their privileges. 

Mississippi/Mississippi State-I have to admit, I figured Jevan Sneed to have a huge year, but he and his team have been a huge bad of flaming poo on my porch they tricked me into stepping on.  Anthony Dixon is going to make a solid pro, and I think Dexter McCluster will find a role as well, and were fun to watch yesterday.

Oklahoma State/Oklahoma-The Bedlam game is always big, but for the Sooners to pitch a shutout to win their 7th game was huge.  Knocked Ok State out of any BCS talk, and really gives them something to build on.  Now, if Stoops leaves for Notre Dame, that's another story.

TCU/New Mexico-I know New Mexico isn't great, but TCU never fails to impress me.  I still think they are the best team in the state of Texas and no worse than the third best team in the country. 

Washington/Washington St.-I only mention this snoozer of a game to point out that Jake Locker should not declare for the NFL.  He's not at all ready.

Arkansas/LSU-What a heartbreaker for Razorbacks.  That game was so fun to watch, and really could have gone either way.  I will say the Golden Boot, the trophy for this win is hideous, but regardless a great win for the Tigers.

Notre Dame/Stanford-Lots of things here.  First is Coach Weis already had her office cleaned out, so he knew he was gone.  Gerhart won the Heisman in this game.  And Clausen and Tate cemented the fact they are headed to the NFL, meaning whoever replaces Weis is going to have bare cupboards.  Oh, and I reported on Twitter last night that KC was going to push hard for Weis to come run their offense, and today it's being put out there NFL teams(KC included) are contacting him.  Just sayin...

Georgia Tech/Georgia-Another heartbreaker.  Tech QB Josh Nesbit gets hurt, comes back and almost rallies them back.  I think if he plays the whole game they win, but instead, we get Georgia Tech and Clemson backing into the ACC title game next week.

Next week promises to be even bigger, so stay tuned!

Last Edited: 11/29/2009

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