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Independence Bowl breakdown-Draft edition

Written by Curt Popejoy on 12/28/2009

This is the bowl game I've been looking forward to the most to this point.  Any time I get a chance to watch Aggie QB Jerrod Johnson, you know it will be exciting.  This game promises quite a few solid draft prospects, led by a host of underclassmen.  Here's how the game breaks down in terms of draft prospects.

Texas A&M

Junior QB Jerrod Johnson
Junior DE/LB Von Miller
Senior H-Back Jamie McCoy
Senior OT Michael Shumard
Senior C Kevin Matthews
Senior OT Lee Grimes



Junior LB Rennie Curran
Junior S Reshad Jones
Senior DT Jeff Owens
Senior DT Geno Atkins
Senior DT Kade Wheaton
Junior OT Clint Boling(the match up with he and Von Miller should be great)
Senior DB Prince Miller

Last Edited: 12/28/2009

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