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The Road to the NFL: Jack Corcoran's Draft Blog #1

Written by Jack Corcoran on 02/02/2010

By way of an introduction, some of you guys may have read our short interview with Rutgers FB Jack Corcoran. If you didn't, shame on you, now go here: Jack Corcoran Interview and then come back! For those of you that did, we liked the cut of his gib so we asked (read begged) his agent to talk him into writing some guest columns for us to give all you armchair fans out there an idea of just how much hard work and preparation NFL Prospects go through to make it. So, now I'll say a big thanks to Jack and his agent and hand you over to the man himself:

The good folks at draftboardinsider.com have asked me to blog about my pre-draft experiences. I hope you find it enjoyable.

Currently I am in Atlanta training at Competitive Edge Sports. There's a great group of trainers here and I really feel like I am getting a lot of things done and can tell I am much stronger and faster than when I got here. I am lucky that my agent, Rob Roche of RSR Sports Management cares enough about me to send me to such a great place to train.

Our day is pretty much the same every day. I wake up around 7 am and eat breakfast. I get to C.E.S around 8:30am and do position drills from 9 am until 11 am.

After I grab something healthy to eat for lunch we get right back at it. We run until 12:45 and then lift until 3 o'clock.

The toughest thing we do during the running portion is a resistance drill. They hook two cords up just below the bicep and attach it to my knees. One of the other guys who is training holds on to the four cords. Then you have to run while your partner is holding on. It is exhausting.

I'm tired when I get done for the day. At night I go back to the house where I am staying and relax for a couple hours and grab some dinner.

After dinner I do some homework online. I am six classes shy of getting my degree. I'm taking five classes online and hope to get my degree by the summer. Getting my degree is something that's very important to me.

I haven't gotten out much since I've been to Atlanta. No offense to the city of Atlanta, but I am not here to socialize. I'm here to work and get stronger and faster.

In fact the only thing close to socializing I do is every Wednesday we go to the Georgia Dome for 7-on-7 drills.

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