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Comparing the Drafts 2009 v 2010 - Offense

Written by Curt Popejoy on 02/16/2010

Every year I get asked the same sorts of questions. How would this player or that player compare in terms of draft grade with a player at the same spot from the Previous draft. Being my no.1 offensive tackle in 2010 draft doesn't mean you were better than the no.3 had you been in the draft the season before. An exercise like this illustrated depth and just how strong a class is, when compared to previous ones.

Here's how I look at the top couple of players in this draft compared to the talent in the 2009 draft on the offensive side of the football.

2009 Offensive Judgement 2010

Matthew Stafford

Quarterbacks - My top 2 in this draft are Jimmy Clausen from Notre Dame and Sam Bradford of Oklahoma. Both are tremendous players and the more I watch of the both of them, the more excited I am to see them in the NFL. In my current Top 100, I have Clausen and Bradford 2 and 5 respectively. By contrast, I had my top two quarterbacks Georgia's Matthew Stafford and USC's Mark Sanchez ranked 17th and 18th. If all 4 were in the same draft, I'd certainly have Clausen and Bradford rated ahead of Stafford and Sanchez, and going further having them both in the 2009 draft would have surely pushed Stafford and Sanchez low into the first round. If you need a quarterback, this draft is much better than last for a first round option.
Advantage: 2010

Jimmy Clausen

Knowshon Moreno
Running Backs - Always tricky to work with running backs because they are so underrated. My top 2 this year are Clemson's C.J. Spiller and Cals' Jahvid Best. Both excellent players in their own right, but if I were to put them up against my top 3 from last year, Georgia's Knowshon Moreno, Ohio State's Beanie Wells, and Pitt's LeSean McCoy, they would end up 4th and 5th. This is due primarily to the fact that neither Spiller or Best project to every down players, and the top 3 from 2009 have shown they can be.
Advantage: 2009

C.J. Spiller

Michael Crabtree
Wide Receivers - Another position that is feast or famine. In 2009 my top 3 were Michael Crabtree, Texas Tech Jeremy Maclin Missouri, and Percy Harvin, Florida. This year, Oklahoma's Dez Bryant, Notre Dame's Golden Tate, and Damian Williams, USC round out my top 3. If they were all in the same draft, the no.1 would not change as Michael Crabtree would top the list. I'd put Bryant 2, Tate 3, Maclin 4, Harvin 5, and Williams 6. So the classes would be pretty intermingled, with Crabtree the clear leader.
Advantage: Push

Dez Bryant

Brandon Pettigrew

Tight Ends - In 2009 the tight end class was less than spectacular with Brandon Pettigrew at the top and a lot of questions after that. By comparison, the 2010 class has some elite talent in the top 3, but with some significant injury issues. My top 3 this year are Jermaine Gresham Oklahoma, Aaron Hernandez Florida, and Rob Gronkowski Arizona. In terms of talent, I'd put Pettigrew ahead of Gronkowski (because of his injuries), but behind Gresham and Hernandez.
Advantage: 2010

Jermaine Gresham

Jason Smith

Offensive Tackles - This 2010 offensive line class is a bit of an enigma. No one seems to agree beyond Oklahoma State's Russell Okung who's better than another. I personally feel like the dropoff after Okung is significant so for this I will just discuss him. My top 4 tackles last year were Jason Smith of Baylor, Eugene Monroe of Virginia, Andre Smith of Alabama and finally Michael Oher of Mississippi. If Okung were dropped into this draft, I'd have a hard time putting him ahead of any of these players pre-draft.
Advantage: 2009

Russell Okung

Alex Mack
Offensive Guards/Centers - This year, the name on everyone's mind is Mike Iupati of Idaho. No doubt he's far and away the best interior offensive lineman in this draft. At Center, Maurkice Pouncey of Florida decided to declare and really looks to be the best prospect a the position, although I think a guy like J.D. Walton of Baylor will be very good. In 2009, the top centers were Alex Mack of Cal and Max Unger of Oregon. Toss them all in a pan and you get Iupati first, with Mack and Unger behind him, followed with Pouncey and finally Robinson.
Advantage: Push

Mike Iupati

So, in the final analysis, the offense is a dead heat. 2 to the 2009 draft, 2 to the 2010 draft, and two positions are a push. Next time I'll look at the defensive players and see how this draft stacks up to last year.

Last Edited: 02/16/2010

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