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The Road to the NFL: Jack Corcoran's Draft Blog #4

Written by Jack Corcoran on 02/22/2010

The Scouting Combine starts this week and I wish I was in attendance.

I really thought I was going to get an invitation but I didn't. This was an instance where I could've done one of two things: I could've felt sorry for myself or continue to work hard and improve my speed and strength.

I've chosen to keep working hard.

Even though an invitation to the Scouting Combine increases your chances of getting drafted, there still are players every year who get drafted who didn't get the coveted combine invite. I plan on being one of those players.

Plus, it isn't like I am not going to have a chance to show off what I can do for NFL personnel. Rutgers has its pro-timing day March 10 and that is my main focus right now. I hope to be in peak condition for my pro-timing day.

Editors Note: About a third of players invited to the Combine end up going undrafted. Conversely about a sixth of the players drafted don't get invites. There's a great article by Steve Wyche at nfl.com that is worth a look, with some interesting facts. Every year 30-40 players who didn't get Combine invites are drafted. The highest last year being 4th round pick Dre Moore. One of the factors selectors look for is production. Clearly a fullback like Jack isn't going to catch your eye on the stat sheet, especially as for Combine purposes he's being measured against tailbacks with 1500 yards in 2009. In addition, blocking isn't a measurable stat. However, if the Combine selectors were entirely made up of former RBs, we think there'd be a few more FBs invited!

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