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Website Announcement: Draft Value Boards are up!

Written by Ben Morgan on 03/02/2010

Last year we ran some Draft Value Matrices just before the draft. This year we're running it dynamically so Curt can slide guys up and down the value chart to his heart's content.We've divided guys up into 16 different classifications and you'll see this represented by groups of players crossing over between 2 rounds. So we have First Round rated players and Second Round rated players but we also have a group who we think fall somewhere in the late first to early second round. Here's an example of what we mean

So in this example take a look at the Defensive Ends and Defensive Tackles. You can see we think there's quite a few first rounders in there. The Blue Dollar sign next to the top players names indicated we reckon these are guys who are likely going to find themselves in the first 15 picks of the draft. Blue Chip Prospects if you will. Beyond them we have Dunlap, Graham, Morgan, Price and Williams.


Next down you'll see our crossover guys. Guys who we think will be late first rounders or early second rounders. Everson Griffen, Cody and Odrick.


Then moving into the Second Round proper, Hardy, Norwood, Selve, Wootton and Lamarr Houston for the DTs.

Willie Young, Neal and Cam Thomas we think are late second to early third rounders

Witten, Arthur Jones and Troup we reckon are 3rd Rounder

And so on and so on all the way down to Undrafted Free Agent types.


Now plenty of these guys currently in the UDFA pile may change as we get closer to the draft. The biggest reason for this? Well Curt doesn't like grading players he hasn't watched personally So, for the time being guys he may not have had a chance to check out on film yet may be consigned to our UDFA Bin, that doesn't necessarily mean we don't rate them, we may just not have had a chance to look at them closely yet. If there's guys down there you particularly think should be ranked much higher let us know by email and we'll do our best to bump them to the top of the film pile.

But for the moment, you can check out the Value Board for the Offense and for the Defense/Specialists. Or you can click on the button on the menu.

Last Edited: 03/02/2010

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