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Snap Judgement LSU/Georgia

Written by Curt Popejoy on 10/04/2009

I said in my preview for this week, the team that wins this game will be the one that delivers the knockout punch.  And that’s exactly what LSU did in the form of a 33 yard touchdown run by Charles Scott.

For Georgia I spent most of the game thinking how I was going to write about how the play of Jox Cox was going to cost this game for the Bulldogs, but honestly he really rallied his team in the 4th quarter almost bringing them all the way back.  And no, that last pick doesn’t hurt him,because it was desperation.  But the story of this game really was the amount of skill players that LSU has, and how even the Bulldog defense couldn’t deal with the level of talent they were dealing with.

When I talk about the elite skill players on LSU, I will exclude quarterback Jordan Jefferson.  I realize he’s just a sophomore and has his best football ahead of him, but the fact is, if this team doesn’t win the SEC a lot of it could fall on the shoulders of this young man.  The team as a whole just seems to underachieve for the amount of talent they have, and that should translate to more dominance on the field.  Man per man, I’m not sure if there’s a team in the country with a better group of backs and wide receivers in the country.

For Georgia they too have a couple of really great skill players, but like LSU are hampered by inconsistent quarterback play.  Their defense is really solid all over the field but you could just see that they couldn’t matchup with the athletes for the Tigers.

At some point, the discussion of LSU as national champions is going to come up.  I suspect it’ll be next weekend, when Florida come to town.  A less than 100% Tim Tebow could leave the door wide open for Les Miles and the Tigers to take control in the SEC.

Last Edited: 03/04/2010

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