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If I were the Lions GM…

Written by Curt Popejoy on 04/21/2009

As I am sitting here working on a brand new mock draft for the site, I always run into the same snags. Who do the Detroit Lions take at #1, and who do the Pittsburgh Steelers take at 32? Picking at the end of the round is tricky, because you are probably a really good team, so you don’t have a ton of holes in your roster but you still want value for the pick. But at the same time you may have “that guy” you really want and so you reach for him, assuming he won’t be around at 64. Oh what a problem to have.

The same can’t be said for Detroit. Their roster has more holes than a leaky tug boat. Offensive line, defensive line, quarterback, peanut vendor, ticket taker you name it. Then you mix in that they are holding the kiss of death of all draft picks. A pick that costs a fortune in a draft that is more deep than elite, and are seemingly being backed into the corner of drafting Matt Stafford and throwing him to the wolves.

If I were the GM, I’d mess with the entire league. Commissioner Goddell would announce I am on the clock, and at that point, I’d just let the time run out. Yep, I’d go all Minnesota Vikings on ‘em. Just sit tight. You need a ton of players. Matt Stafford, Mark Sanchez, Aaron Curry, Jason Smith, Eugene Monroe, and even a kid like Brian Orakpo. So if I am the GM, I just sit back and wait. Let these other teams pull the trigger on these guy, and when I felt comfortable I’d send one of my lackeys up to the podium with my card.

I know what you are thinking. But their agent will want no.1 money. I don’t care about that. Not at all. In fact I think just to hedge my bets a little, instead of waiting until draft day to do this, I hold a presser on Friday afternoon announcing my intentions to sit on my ass for at least the first 3 picks and to whomever I draft, don’t try to get No.1 money because it won’t happen.

Detroit as a franchise is a grease fire so why not toss a little gas on it, and really shake things up? Oh, if I were the GM…

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