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Oh the Brett Favre Drama...

Written by Curt Popejoy on 05/01/2009

If anyone didn’t know, I live in a house full of women. My wife, an 11 year old daughter and another little girl, almost 2. So I understand drama. I get 5th grade girl drama almost on a daily basis. I am become pretty hard to it all. So, when I heard that Brett Favre was asking to be released, and was then given his release, I started to think. What sort of Brett Favre drama can we expect.

Here’s one possible scenario. Brett is going to just sit back, enjoy his retirement, probably do some Wrangler jeans commercials, and end up working with the guys at ESPN, once Emmitt Smith gets fired. Oh, Emmitt isn’t getting fired? Ah, give it time.

Yeah, I don’t buy that things will go that smooth either. What is really going to happen? Probably nothing until July. He’ll basically go into hiding, not shave, and just wait. What’s the waiting for? Well, I think he’s going to be waiting for one of two things.

First, I think that Favre and the Packers could come out, late Summer and announce that Favre has signed a one day contract, and then allow him to retire as a Packer. Then the whole ESPN thing can come after this. Seems to me, this would be the cleanest break. Favre is and always will be a Packer. The city would have a parade, and Favre would get to go out on top, in the idol worship fashion he’s grown so accustomed to getting from GB fans.

But there is another scenario. What is Favre wanting his release was just because he wants to play somewhere else? I’ve seen several sources report this is exactly his goal. Brett please stop. I know you can still throw a ball really hard. I know you still believe you can be a Super Bowl champ. And hey, on the right team, maybe you can. But what team are you going to go to that will give you a chance to a)start and b)win a Super Bowl this year? I keep reading that Minnesota is your landing spot. Now, don’t get me wrong, Adrian Peterson is probably the best back in the game, Bernard Berrian is a nice wide out, and Percy Harvin is an interesting weapon in the passing game. But are they better than Philly or the Giants? I am not so sure.

Oh, and Vikings fans. What is wrong with you? Seriously, I understand your team hasn’t been good in a long time, but are you really ok rallying around a guy you have loathed for the past decade or so? Are you suddenly going to go out and get a purple No.4 jersey? Now don’t get me wrong, I root for the laundry so the guys in it matter less to me. But is there any player in the league, who is a greater nemesis to the Vikings over the past 10 years or so, than Favre? I struggle to wrap my head around the idea if my Steelers had signed a guy like Tony Dorsett back in the day. I am not sure I could do it. Not sure if I could have rooted for him.

So, let’s all just sit and wait this one out. I hope Brett takes a gracious exit as a Packer the way it should be. But knowing Brett he’ll spend the Summer denying he’s coming back, and then sign with the Vikings two days before training camp starts. Sorry Sage.

Last Edited: 03/04/2010

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