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Week 3 College Football...What to watch.

Written by Curt Popejoy on 09/17/2009

Big week of college football fellow fanatics. Lots of stuff to watch and see. Lots of ranked teams duking it out, conference schedules get into full swing, and some awesome athletes will be on display.  Today I give you a quick 8 pack of games you don’t want to miss, starting tonight.  I’ll also give you some quick hits on games and player to hit or miss.

First game is tonight and it’s a big one.  14th ranking Georgia Tech heads to Miami to battle the 20th ranked Hurricaines.  This game is going to be so fun to watch.  Yeah, I’m kinda old school so I get pretty geeked up about watching that option offense.  Jonathan Dwyer is an awesome back, and Tech has some serious athletes on defense.  On the other side Miami seems to be turning the program around, and Head Coach Randy Shannon is owed much of the credit for that. Miami is getting it’s athletes back, and some of them can really play.  The ACC Coastal is probably going to come down to these two teams so getting them matched up so early is a huge gift for football fans.

Next up is Tulsa at Oklahoma.   On paper this may seem like a mismatch, but until the Sooners get their quarterback and offensive line situation in order, every game will be a mystery.  Not to mention they get Miami the following week, so this has the smell of a trap game.  Tulsa has a high explosive offense and the Sooner defense will be put to the test.  Tulsa’s defense isn’t great, but if they can keep the Sooners close, their offense will almost certainly make it interesting.

If you are anywhere near Lane Stadium Saturday, you should consider trying to get a ticket to the (13)Virginia Tech/(19)Nebraska matchup.  Yeah good luck with that.  But regardless, this game is going to be physical.  Tech has rebounded from an opening week loss and looks to be having their offense and defense rolling.  Nebraska looks to be reved up in the passing game, and any defense that is anchored by Ndomukong Suh is going to be hard to handle.  I’m not sure if the Cornhuskers can go into the Hokies stadium and beat them, but I am hopeful they can keep it close.

Tennessee at (1)Florida-No, I don’t think Tennessee can run with Florida’s athletes.  No, I don’t think they can go into Gainesville and compete.  But that’s not why you watch this game.  You watch it to see just how hard Urban Meyer Steps on the neck of Lane Kiffin for running his pie hole about Meyer in the offseason. Let me warn Gator fans though, karma can be a bitch.  I know the Gator team and faithful want to just bludgeon the Vols, but be wary that the football Gods don’t like that sort of thing and may come back and bite them later in the year.

I really want to watch Cincinnati and Oregon State because I’m not sure what to make of Cincinnati.  I want to believe they are the 17th best team in the nation, but I’m just not sure.  If they can go to Corvallis, and beat a Beaver team(I almost said team of beavers), that has done historically well against ranked teams, might just make me a believer.  Getting to watch Jacquizz Rodgers and Mardy Gilyard is reason enough to tune in.

Texas Tech traveling to (2)Texas is going to be another intersting game.  Texas is another national championship contender and they are looking to exact some revenge on a Red Raider team that knocked them out of that picture last year.  Just think Red Raider fans, for all that’s happened, Michael Crabtree could still be catching passes for you guys.  Not like he’s going anything else right now.  Regardless Texas is improved, and Tech is worse so this is a game I’ll watch more for the rubberneck a car wreck factor than anticipation of the outcome.  Oh and College Gameday will be there so that will be a lot of fun too.

No. 7 on the hit parade is (23)Georgia at Arkansas.  Georgia is another team I am just not sold on.  On the other hand Arkansas under new head coach Bobby Petrino seems to be building an identity on defense and the combo of quarterback Ryan Mallett and wide receiver Jarius Wright look to be a dynamic duo.  I personally think Arkansas is going to give Georgia fits especially at home.

Florida State at (7)BYU-On paper this game looks to be ugly and I mean ugly for the Seminoles.  BYU is dominant at home, ranked 7th in the nation, and are riding huge momentum.  Florida State on the other hand lost a heartbreaker to Miami, and then almost lost to Jackson State the next week.  So why have I included this in my 8 pack?  Because I just have a feeling the Noles are going to head into Provo with a chip on their shoulder and play big.  Maybe not win the game big, but still play big.

Small School update(also known as, who my alma mater is playing this week) is (10)Pittsburg State University travels to (18)Central Missouri.  After coming on an embarassing loss last week to Northwest Missour 30-10 the Gorillas have to re-group in a hurry and go into Warrensburg, MO to take on the Mules.  If the Gorillas want to stay in the hunt to make the playoffs, this is a must win.  The Gorillas got exposed last Saturday, so they will need to get some holes plugged up in a hurry and the coaching staff needs to take a much more active approach to their playcalling.  They were the less athletic team last week, but they were also very much outcoached.

Game to avoid-None.  That’s right this is a weekend to watch them all.  Yeah, there will be some blow outs, but nothing so outrageous to just avoid the game.  If it’s on, tune in!

Spotlight player of the week-Jake Locker, QB Washington.  Locker may never be a great NFL player but he’s a ton of fun to watch and when USC comes to town on Saturday we’re going to see just what he’s made of.  USC is not the dominant team on either side of the ball we’ve seen in the past, and Locker now a junior has matured into a really well rounded football player who just happens to be surrounded by mediocore players.  Just imagine if Locker had started his career at Texas he’d be on everyone’s Heisman short list.  Instead he’s the best player on a bad team.  After watching Terrell Pryor against USC last week, I’ll be really interested to see what Locker can do, basically all by himself.

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