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The Random insanity of the first round...

Written by Curt Popejoy on 04/23/2010

As I am on the eliptical this morning, I am thinking about what I had seen the night before as the NFL showcased the first round of the NFL draft in prime time.  The NFL draft is like the Super Bowl for me, and so I am always excited for it to come.  And when it's over, I am always scratching my head.  Here are a few observations that I made now that I have had 4 hours sleep.

The Rams make the tough call and were right.  I've said since December a QB had to be the pick, and it was.  Whether or not Bradford will be a franchise QB is a different discussion but the fact the FO wanted to make a bold move must be applauded.

Some NFL teams are really, really smart.  The Detroit Lions traded back into the first round to steal Jahvid Best, to pair up with their other first round pick Ndamukong Suh.  They would have easily had the best first round if not for the Seattle Seahawks and their picks of Russell Okung and Earl Thomas.  Two impact rookies are huge gets for them.

Some NFL teams are really reall dumb.  This goes out to any team that needed a quarterback (St Louis Rams get an exemption) who passed on Jimmy Clausen.  He's going to make so many teams regret that.

It especially goes out to the Denver Broncos who made some trades and ended up going up and getting Tim Tebow.  This is a move an established veteran head coach can make.  It's not a move a young coach can make.  If this costs McDaniels his job, don't be shocked. But maybe even more misguided was taking Demaryius Thomas in the first round.  You deal Marshall for a 2nd, you replace him with a 1st?  And a guy who runs exactly one route.  I'm sorry Broncos fans, because you deserved better than that first round.

Another team I put in the dumb group are the Jacksonville Jaguars.  They Mayflower trucks should be outside the stadium packing their stuff to head to LA right now.  This is a team that can't sell out and the fans have given up on.  So what do you to to rally the fanbase?  Draft a defensive tackle a round too early.  Brilliant!  If Tyson Alualu turns out to be the next great DT I will publish a formal apology, but if he doesn't, this pick will look idiotic.  Hell, if you want to do something off the wall, draft Tebow, at least he'd have sold some tickets.

Some teams were really really desperate.  How much confidence do the San Diego Chargers have in Darren Sproles to sell the farm to move up 16 spots to draft the 2nd best RB in the draft?  I realize most believe that the Chargers are a playoff team and very good, but don't sit there and say they didn't have more pressing first round priorities.

Dez Bryant, Derrick Morgan and Kyle Wilson were overrated coming into this draft by most media types and it showed last night.

If you have Frank Gore in your keeper league, good lookin' out, because it seems the oline is going to be big and beefy and run block heavy with 2 first round picks dedicated to offensive linemen.  Not sure how San Francisco 49ers fans feel, but your oline got much better last night.

The New England Patriots did some great maneuvering and then dropped the ball on the pick.  I love how the Pats work to accumulate picks.  But when you finally use one, and it's on a CB with limited ball skills and upside, I question all the moves.  Tonight will be huge for them.

The Kansas City Chiefs did the right thing.  Eric Berry was the player fans wanted and he's the player that makes the defense better day one.  Two picks tonight will allow them to upgrade at some other spots, but assuming Berry isn't shelved with injuries too much in his career, he will be an immediate impact player for KC.

Both channels covering the draft were pretty meh.  Worst was the delay.  People were tweeting the picks who were at RCMH well before they showed up on TV.  This is the technology age ESPN and NFL Network.  Unless you are worried Terrence Cody is going to walk up and drop trow, why have a delay?

I can't wait for tonight's Live Coverage again, because for those teams that dropped the ball, they really have a chance to make amends.  Only the NFL could make such a huge event within their sport compared to other sports.  It's really the King and we all it's court.


Last Edited: 04/23/2010

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