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Friday, er Tuesday Blogitude...

Written by Curt Popejoy on 06/22/2010

Forgive me for not putting my Friday blog up until today.  This week has been crazy for me.  Planning a family vacation to Dallas this week, and I’ve been scouring the interwebs for bargains and deals.  Note to anyone who reads this who can hook me up with some Dallas swag, I am not opposed to trading ad space on this site for said swag.  I have no shame.  And I am a cheap bastage.

Anyway, enough begging, onto the blog.  This week it’s a mix.  Not all sports, that’s for sure.  Pretty slow sports week to be honest.  

NBA ends!!!

It was so nice to see a merciful end to the NBA season.  I did watch a few minutes of the 7th game but not enough to comment on it to any great degree.  I’m just glad it’s over.  That makes two with hockey.  If I can just get rid of MLB, I’ll be solid.

The Saints trading Jammal Brown-Dumb

The Saints have decided that because of how well Jermon Bushrod played in place of Brown last season, they can deal him to the Redskins.  This will give the Redskins bookend first round Oklahoma tackles.  It’ll also mean Artis Hicks can move inside, probably to RG.  The Skins line is much much better today.  The Saints had better hope that Bushrod can re-create and build on last year’s performance.  

Jeremiah Masoli saga continues

Rumor is, Masoli is headed to Utah State to play quarterback.  I tweeted seconds after the news broke he was dismissed from the team is “coming to a DI-AA program near you.”  That looks to be coming to a reality.  What a loser.  This kid was on the lips of most pundits for the Heisman trophy and his team as National Championship contenders.  And with the hammer getting dropped on USC, things were even better.  And this kid screws it up completely.  I just shake my head sometimes at how dumb these kids can be.

Big 12ish is in trouble

I am really troubled by the fact that the Big 12ish isn’t trying to wrangle up 2 more teams and that they’ve decided to dump their championship game.  Careful, your conference is already being looked down on as being less talented and greedy.  Nothing good can come of this except money in the execs pockets.  Boooo!

Wildcat gone wild!

I fully expect to see nearly half the teams in the nation running some sort of Wildcat sets.  So many teams sign these “athletes” who have been quarterbacks at one time or another, I look forward to lots and lots of highlights of big plays out of the wildcat.  Good times.  I love everything old that’s new again.  

World Cup Mania

Am I really hearing people complaining about the officiating at the World Cup now?  And that the US got another tie?  I really want to like the World Cup and deep down, I do hope the US makes the tourney.  But I can’t get behind a sport that is set up like Soccer is.  No polo shirts for my athletes.

Speaking of polo shirts

Caught a little of the golf this weekend.  Yeah, I’m not a fan, but it was on at my in-laws.  What’s up with Woods?  He’s kinda stinking it up.  I wonder if he needs to head to the nearest Ihop for a slump buster.


Poor Jimmy Clausen

Oh I know I should be saying poor Steve Smith.  But I'm less worried about his recovery from this broken arm than I am Clausen's.  Smith is a gamer and he'll be ready to play as soon as he can.  But Clausen needs Smith on the field to get that timing down.  Could really set his development back, and will royally piss Smith off, if he can't get the ball this season, because Clausen has been used to working with other wide outs.  Stay tuned.


WTF is wrong with Bryce Brown?

I got a chance to see Brown play in high school and marveled at how much more athletic he was than everyone else on the field.  When he ended up at Tennessee I expected he and Montario Hardesty to just run rough shot over everyone.  But that didn’t happen.  Now he’s MIA.  Add his brother, LB Arthur Brown who has transferred out of Miami, and I have to wonder if the Brown’s have been sprinkling nutty clusters on their crazy flakes.  You are both incredibly talented football players.  Get on the field and show it, and stop being lunatics.
The future of USC football

If all reports are true that there is about to be a mass exodus of USC football players, paired up with big cuts in scholarships as well as a post season ban, it will be interesting to see the ripple effect of all this.  It would be easy to sit here and just rail on USC about how they are done for the next 6-8 seasons, because there’s a really good chance they are.  But in a bigger sense, there could be some really good players actually get to play on some teams where not only can they help themselves and showcase their skills but improve a handful of other teams.  Think of it like a team like the New Orleans Saints suddenly being broken up and their best players divided up over the NFL.  Going to make some teams better, right?  That’s what could happen to a handful of college programs with this USC situation.  

Non-football rant.

Cell phones

I am doing this blog on my new HTC HD2 cell phone.  It’s really an epic device.  More powerful than my last home PC, and loads of fun.  I am hooked on it like a crackhead.  Having said all that, let me rail for a moment on cell phone companies.

As much as I love my phone and trust me, I have a tech crush for sure.  When I saw the first ads and reviews for the new HTC Evo for Sprint, I was even ore excited.  Essentially my phone running Android.  But it didn’t matter because I am locked into a contract with Tmobile like an indentured servant.  This is the fundamental flaw with cell phone marketing.  I keep seeing ad after ad about all these gimmicks to try and get me to switch cell phone providers.  And let’s be honest at this point, finding a new cell customer who’s not already under contract somewhere is hard to find.  So these companies have to try and find a way to get us to leave our provider.  But that’s the rub, because they have this big fat early termination fee on contracts that keep us locked down.  

So cell phone companies, let me give you a piece of advice and the single most important thing you can do, to get us to come to you.  Build into a new contract a way to pay off our old contract with a different provider.  Say I go to Sprint.  Sprint pays my early termination fee with tmobile, and my 4 lines move over to Sprint and I get my Evo.  Then Sprint takes that fee they just paid for me, and breaks it up over the 24 months of the contract.  I am able to come over to Sprint and Sprint gets their money back.  This seems so obvious I can’t believe it’s not been done before.  

Katy Perry

I have no doubt she can melt your popsicle.  No doubt.

Oh and by the way, be looking for my "Best of the Bunch" positional articles as soon as I return from the Lone Star state!

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