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Heisman Frontrunners: Week 2 Edition

Written by Curt Popejoy on 09/13/2010

Two weeks into the college football season, and I suppose it's time to offer up the 5 guys I think are the frontrunners for the Heisman Trophy.  Probably no real suprises here, except maybe one.

1. Kellen Moore QB Boise State - My preseason pick and I am sticking with him.  Showed all the skill and poise expected of him in the preseason.  Only one game in the books, but I expect his stats to go through the roof.

2. Terrell Pryor QB Ohio State - Won a big game against Miami and put up huge numbers doing it.  I don't consider him the most outstanding player in the country, but if they win out, he'll almost certainly be the reason and that gets him the gold.

3. Denard Robinson QB Michigan - He can't win it, can he?  His numbers are astounding, but his team isn't even ranked (yet). If I know anything about the Heisman brain trust it's that you have to be on a top team to win.  If Michigan doesn't get a serious blast off by the pollsters he's got no shot no matter how many highlight plays he pulls off.

4. Trent Richardson RB Alabama - If you follow the best player on the best team philosophy, then Richardson is your guy.  He's been remarkable in place of Mark Ingram.  His spot on the poll is temporary of course, but for this week, he deserves the nod.

5. Patrick Peterson CB LSU - Best defensive player in the country in my books, and the most explosive return specialist as well.  Obviously he won't win, because for one he's not a quarterback or running back, but also because LSU is going to lose enough games that his remarkable play both on defense and in the return game will go unnoticed. 

Guys we should be talking about and might be later

Ryan Broyles  WR Oklahoma - Has had two of the most amazing games any wide receiver could ever want.  He's going to finish the year with gawdy stats, and will be on a team that should remain ranked near the top all season.  You mix his impact in the return game, and he's got an outside shot.

Kendall Hunter RB Oklahoma State - Statistically the best RB in the nation, but his only hope of winning is to set the single season rushing record. And right now he trails only QB Denard Robinson.  Crazy, right?

LaMichael James RB Oregon - Don't look now but James is back.  After missing only one game due to suspension he returned to rack up 134 rush yards against Tennessee.  If they give James the rock enough down the stretch and Oregon keeps winning, he'll make a flashy pick.

Guys who've already lost the Heisman

Jake Locker QB Washington
Case Keenum QB Houston
Mark Ingram RB Alabama
Andy Dalton QB TCU
Jacory Harris QB Miami (FL)

Last Edited: 09/12/2010

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