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Snap Judgment - Week 3 Edition

Written by Curt Popejoy on 09/23/2010

Another week of the college season is in the books, and even though it happens every year, I always forget just how much better the matchups are in college as opposed to the NFL.  We had so many great games this weekend that the media were touting as not being premier. Make no mistake, they were great.  I am operating on about 10 hours of games, and 3 hours of sleep, so like Prince said, “I was dreamin’ when I wrote, forgive me if I go astray.”

Tide keeps on rollin’

Sorry I couldn’t come up with a title more witty than that.  But it’s not about that.  It’s about Alabama showing, two weeks into the season that them winning the National Championship last year was no fluke and they are certainly poised to do it again.  They manhandled the Duke Blue Devils.  This team is straight up stacked and it only got better with the return of running back Mark Ingram and defensive lineman Marcel Dareus.  I’ve watched every team in the top 25 play at least once this year, and most twice and there’s not a team close to the Crimson Tide in terms of talent.  Next week’s game against Arkansas looks to be exciting, but I don’t think the Razorbacks will have any answers on defense for what Alabama is going to throw at them.

Rock Choke Jayhawk

Sorry KU fans.  I know a lot of you living here in the heart of Jayhawk country, but your team, and your new head coach aren’t very good.  The Jayhawks choked bigtime against a Southern Miss. team that I give respect to, but after watching how KU played against Georgia Tech, I expected a better effort.  I know that when Mark Mangino was fired Jayhawk fans cheered.  And when new head coach Turner Gil was trotted out as the future of Jayhawk football, you all cheered even louder.  And I said don’t get too excited.  Gil wasn’t a great coach at Buffalo.  He inherited a good team, and was coach of the year in his conference his first year as head coach using a team he had basically nothing to do with.  And it was all downhill from there.  KU fans had better hope that he can really recruit Texas like he claims, because this team isn’t very talented and he’s going to lose them in a hurry if they don’t start winning.

Who is everyone’s favorite QB now?  Colin Kaepernick.  And I don’t know why.

I suppose now that the sky is falling for Washington Huskie QB Jake Locker (more on that in a minute), his fanboys are going to have to find themselves a new crush.  And I just have a feeling that it’s going to be University of Nevada QB Colin Kaepernick.  He’s sort of Locker-lite.  He’s what Jake Locker should be, and he’s the kind of player every college coach wants and NFL scouts don’t bother with.  He’s got nice size and is really athletic.  He’s got a strong enough arm, and racks up great numbers.  He went all Denard Robinson on the Cal D yesterday to the tune of almost 330 total yards and 5 total touchdowns.  I’m sure that draftniks everywhere, especially those on the jocks of Locker will start plugging Kaepernick high into their rankings.  And to be honest in terms of a college QB, Kaepernick is a better player.  Because he stays within his system and doesn’t try to be something he isn’t.

PS-One highlight for Cal in this game was running back Shane Vereen.  What a great player and a top flight NFL prospect whenever he chooses to come out.

Locker got “Lockered” and he got “Lockered” hard

I know that in the next few days we are going to hear a lot about Washington QB Jake Locker.  It’ll basically be one of two things.  First will be his apologists trying to rationalize just how poorly he played against the Nebraska Cornhuskers.  The other will be his haters, who will now begin the pile on based on this game.  I am neither, so I have something to say to both sides.  First to the apologists.  Locker’s poor play last week was on him.  He made some awful reads, and even worse throws.  But does anyone who’s watched him play expect him to come into this season after last season and suddenly become Sam Bradford?  Locker is an amazingly gifted athlete, but he is still new to the idea of playing a traditional QB role.  I said this year I expected him to make a lot of progress and as of now, he’s not done it.  I’ve never been sold on him as a pro prospect and nothing he’s done to this point to change my mind on that.

Another note on the Nebraska/Washington game.  Taylor Martinez is a star in the making.  No, he’s never going to be an All Pro in the NFL, but he’s going to win a ton of games in college and have a highlight reel that stretches all the way to Lincoln.  And in a season that the elite teams aren’t really showing themselves, Nebraska could sneak into the BCS behind this young man.

The Oklahoma Defense is going to cost them a shot at a National Championship

No one was talking about Oklahoma in the National Championship picture before the season started.  They had an up and down year that finished with a strong showing in their bowl game.  But they sent their best players to the first round of the NFL draft, and so I think most Sooner fans had tempered their enthusiasm for this year.  And now we are 3 weeks into the season and the Sooners are undefeated and in the top ten.   And while I don’t think that Landry Jones is going to make anyone forget Sam Bradford in a hurry, having a healthy DeMarco Murray, a dominant Ryan Broyles and a cast of skill players, he’s going to be just fine.  But if that defense, particularly the secondary doesn’t find some consistency, they are going to be in tough shape to win the Big 12.  October 2nd will be here before you know it.

Who’s better, Oregon, TCU, or Boise State?

I know that I have been the lead man on the Boise State Bandwagon, and while I haven’t changed my prediction of them in the title game yet, I have to say that TCU and Oregon have really shocked me…sort of.  Ok, TCU has impressed me in a big way.  Their defense has shown no hangover from the losses in players, and the offense doesn’t look like the same unit that did the choke job in their BCS Bowl game last season.  Of the two big BCS busters, I’m not sure TCU isn’t a favorite on a neutral field against the Broncos at this point.  But for Oregon, I think the picture is less clear.  Yes they are 3-0 and yes the Ducks have been looking more like a video game but when you have huge days against Portland State, New Mexico and Tennessee, I can’t be fair in judging just how good they are.

Denard Robinson is growing on me

I like him. I love that he has embraced the fact his Wolverine defense is a giant stink bomb and he’s going to have to outscore teams every week.  The pollsters are starting to get a huge man crush on him so his Heisman campaign can get into full swing.  But beware.  One bad game, even in a Michigan win (not sure it’s possible they win if Robinson has a bad game),  and they will turn on you Denard.  Murderers row starts October 2nd, and if he can survive those 3 games, it’ll set them up nicely for a big double dip at the end of the season against Wisconsin and Ohio State.

Last Edited: 09/22/2010

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