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Saturday College Football Game of the Week Breakdown (and some other crap)

Written by Curt Popejoy on 10/08/2010

I'd say most agree that this week's game of the week is No.1 ranked Alabama traveling to play the no.19 South Carolina.  I just happen to disagree.  Yes, the Gamecocks are better, but this Alabama team is scary good.  I saw the line on this game was 10.  No way the Gamecocks keep it that close.

We are going to get to see some really great running backs in this game.  And for Mark Ingram and Trent Richardson it could be a huge day.  Unfortunately for South Carolina's Marcus Lattimore, he's going to have to run into guys like Crimson Tide defensive lineman Marcel Dareus (who looked like a top 5 pick against Florida), LBs Dont'a Hightower, and Nico Johnson and Safetys Mark Barron and Robert Lester.  As good as he may be, it's going to be a long day.

So, who's my game of the week?  It's a tough call.  I really considered the in-state war between Michigan and Michigan State.  The matchup of Spartan linebacker Greg Jones against Wolverine QB Denard Robinson alone is going to make for some highlight plays.  All in all I think the home field advantage plays out here, and Michigan keeps on moving up like the Jeffersons.

I could have traveled to the Sunshine State for the Miami Hurricanes hosting the Florida State Seminoles.  A matchup of 2 QBs who just haven't lived up to the hype at this point.  Another game where I give the nod to the home field, and Miami finds a way to beat a team that probably has a little more talent on it. 

One game bumps both for my top must watch game.  If there was a must win game this early in the year for the Florida Gators, it's this Saturday as they host the LSU Tigers.  After taking a firm beatdown at the hands of the Alabama Crimson Tide last weekend, their only hope of staying in the BCS mix is to beat the Tigers.  Two losses in this season's SEC means big trouble. 

I wrote last week about my concerns with Urban Meyer's ability to coach now that he is minus Tebow.  Even in they win the team lacks the explosion and potency a roster so loaded with talent should produce.  To me, that points to coaching.  They have to rally at home, and play up to their potential while they still have a shot.  As I said, there are stars all over this roster, so they shouldn't have to lean so heavily on a QB that isn't there anymore.  And once you figure in that Gator quarterback John Brantley has a little rib injury and things could get interesting in a hurry.  I'd still like to see Freshman QB Trey Burton on the field more, because he's more Tebow while Brantley is more Chris Leak. 

One thing working in the Gators advantage in a big way is LSU Head Coach Les Miles is a giant idiot.  He's been an idiot since coaching the Oklahoma State Cowboys and nothing has changed since he headed to Baton Rouge.  Can he recruit?  Yep.  Can he manage the clock?  Like Mike Tyson manages money.  On paper I think these teams are pretty close, but Miles was touched by an angel last week when his own lack of basic football acumen didn't cost his team a win over a mediocore Tennessee team.  Florida are a desperate team backed into a corner.  Fortunatley that corner is in their home stadium.  I expect this game to be an instant classic, and a combination of good luck for the Gators and bad luck (meaning Miles) for the Tigers means that the Gators escape by the skins of their teeth.

Players to watch

Andrew Luck QB Stanford - I know the USC defense isn't as good as it has been, but he needs a big game to cement his position atop the draft boards everywhere.

Shane Vereen RB California - he faces a stiff UCLA defense this week, but in a group of backs with no clear cut top prospect, his explosiveness will remind teams of CJ Spiller.

Von Miller DE/LB Texas A&M - Miller seemingly has a nice play this week against a QB in Arkansas' Ryan Mallett who doesn't move very well.  Miller hasn't impressed this year, and he needs a big game against a premier SEC ball club to get himself back in the mix.

Oh and quick snap judgment on the Nebraska/ and Kansas State game last night.  Look out Denard Robinson because you might not be the best running QB in the nation.  Just ask Taylor Martinez.  This payback/farewell tour that the Cornhuskers are on has been impressive.  Saturday October 16th, the payback part of that tour comes to a head as they host Texas.  Longhorns QB Garrett Gilbert better strap that helmet on tight, beacuse he's gonna get hit.

Last Edited: 10/07/2010

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