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My new Top 15ish sort of NCAA Football Poll

Written by Curt Popejoy on 10/11/2010

I can't believe how much Steve Spurrier must hate me.  I had the article half written about how Alabama was the most complete team in the country and no matter who they faced in the BCS title they'd be double digit favorites and more blah blah blah, and what do they do?  They go and let the South Carolina Gamecocks walk all over them.  So when I started on this poll with all the upsets in the rankings, it was tough to figure out where to stick the Crimson Tide.  And it was hard to even think about where to put any teams outside the top 9, but you see how I took care of that.

  1. Ohio State - Tops by default.  Not sure if they are the best team, but they keep winning.
  2. Oregon - Probably more complete and more athletic than the Buckeyes, but I don't see them moving ahead unless Ohio State loses.
  3. Boise State - Alabama losing really helped them, and so did Nevada winning.  But their schedule is pudding compared to 1 and 2
  4. Nebraska - Another team with some missing parts, but their strengths are tremendous.
  5. Oklahoma  -The Big 12 is down no doubt about it, but the Cornhuskers and Sooners are good.  OU probably has the best resume' of any team in the top ten.
  6. TCU - Almost put Alabama here, but after seeing their defense exposed, I"m not sure they could hang with the Horned Frogs either.
  7. Alabama - I realize there are undefeateds below them, but Bama is still a great offensive team and have BCS title experience.
  8. LSU - What?  Can I honestly put a Les Miles coached team this high after the last two weeks worth of "wins"?  I think I have no choice. I am hoping Les tries the fumblerooskie next week.
  9. Auburn - I am not sold that Auburn is a National Title or even SEC contender, but 9 feels about right for a team that is winning in such an unconvincing fashion.
  10. See Below...


I gave Number Ten a lot of thought but honestly there wasn't a team that stood out here.  So I have decided there would be a six way tie for tenth between Utah, South Carolina, Arkansas, Michigan State, Iowa and Stanford.  Put them in whatever order from 10-15 you want.  In the final analysis it won't make much difference.

Last Edited: 10/10/2010

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