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Ten Things I learned this week in college football

Written by Curt Popejoy on 10/18/2010

We learned it takes less than one hour in Twitterverse time for the anti-BCS crybabies to overtake Twitter from the time the first BCS poll was released.  Grow up people.  You would think the BCS was the end of the world.  I happen to love how it works, and while I’ve proposed a possible tweak to it, I don’t want a radical change.  And guess what?  It’s not going to happen anyway.

We learned that if you schedule a tough non-conference slate, and have a solid conference schedule, you will be rewarded.  See the Oklahoma Sooners.  They have the best resume’ of any of the 10 remaining undefeated major programs and the BCS system showed it.  With huge games against Missouri and Oklahoma State, we’ll see if they are truly contenders in just a few weeks.

We learned that if your conference schedule is like a JUCO schedule you won’t get any favors from the BCS.  That’s you Boise State.  Will a move to the Mountain West next year help?  Some, but the fact is, you are going to have to coax some bigtime programs into your non-conference schedle too.  And I am less convinced they are dialing up all the top schools than those schools are scared. 

We learned that Cam Newton is the best Quarterback in the SEC.  With all due respect to Arkansas Razorback Ryan Mallett, who’s a far better pro prospect, Newton is the Tim Tebow of the Auburn Tigers.  Another team with some huge matchups down the road that could really vault them in the BCS.

We learned that Nebraska didn’t want to win the Big 12 after all.  Teach me to talk them up.  They laid a big fat egg against the Texas Longhorns.  Not to say with some luck they still can’t see the Big 12 title game, but this team, especially its dominant defense was more dormant than dominant.

We learned that being no. 1 is a curse.  Two weeks in a row the no. 1 team in the polls lost and fell.  Doesn’t bode well for Oklahoma as they travel to Columbia next week, but thankfully they are only no.2 in the AP and USA Today polls, so I guess it’s Oregon who’s set to fall.

We learned that the Kansas Jayhawks are awful.  I hate that for Jayhawk fans, because even though I’m not one, I live among them, and they have already started looking to basketball, because football is a lost cause.

We learned that all the hate toward the Big 12 for being bad might not have been valid.  Even with the Nebraska Loss, the Big 12 have numbers 1, 11, 14, 16, 19, and 22.  Not bad if half the conference is in the BCS poll. 

We learned that the South Carolina beating Alabama might have been a fluke, as they give it up to a lowly Kentucky Wildcats team.  Didn’t help that Steve Spurrier channeled the spirit of Les Miles at the end of the game, but you crack the top ten after a huge win, and this is what you do for an encore? 

We learned something we already knew.  That college football is the most exciting and entertaining sport in the world and nothing is going to change that.  The game itself it so dynamic and the pageantry and tradition of the teams is unmatched.  

Last Edited: 10/18/2010

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