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College Football Game of the Week, and some other crap

Written by Curt Popejoy on 11/06/2010

First off, I need to apologize for not getting any content up on the site last week.  I need to apologize to my readers, as well as the great group of guys who make this site happen.  I needed to hold up my end of things and last week I did not.  Sometimes life, and by life I mean being a full time school teacher, full time graduate student as well as father and husband eats up whatever tiny remaining free time I have to actually take the thoughts and ideas I get from watching college football(which I always do), and getting them to the site.  I owe it to my regular readers and I owe it to John, Ben, and Mark, my close friends who I get to do this site with to get information out there.  

We live in an ADHD kind of world where everyone goes a million miles an hour and who has time to stop and do anything anymore.  I want to be able to get my thoughts out to you guys, even when I can't put up full articles.  And with technology that's possible in a few different ways.  First, if there is ever anything you guys want to know about a draft prospect or anything I have written, please feel free to email me at curt@draftboardinsider.com.  I'd love to get a mailbag going where I answer reader questions and I answer them on the site.

Another pair of great choices are through Twitter or Facebook. Our Twitter is http://www.twitter.com/nfldraftboard and a lot of my ramblings show up there, mainly because it's so simple to update and I can do it from anywhere I have my phone.  Follow our Twitter and keep up with what's going on.  Another choice is through our Facebook page.  http://www.facebook.com/pages/wwwdraftboardinsidercom/116647798364439  Like our page and keep up with everything inlucding websites updates.  

Ok, now that I've pimpedmyself out and made my apologies it's on to this weekend's games.  Two games highlight the schedule, and since there can be only one game of the week, I had a decision to make.  Do I go with the easy one and talk up the TCU Horned Frogs going to Salt Lake to battle the Utah Utes?  Or do I go with the big conference showdown between The Alabama Crimson Tide going to LSU to take on the Tigers?  I'm a big conference guy, so I'm going SEC showdown.  One note on TCU/Utah.  I think Utah are frauds, not in that they are a bad team, but easily the worst undefeated team, and even at home I think TCU is way too much for them, especially when TCU is on defense.  The Horned Frogs win this one easily.  Nice knowin' ya Utah.

On to the big show.The Crimson Tide have bounced back from an early season loss and still look to me to be one of the top teams in the country, regardless of records.  A road win against the Tigers would be a great boost for them and really put them firmly back in the National Championship picture.  And I think they will do just that.  Other than LSU CB Patrick Peterson,  there is no other Tiger player on the field that would be in my top ten of best players in this game. I think that Alabama should be able to move the ball on the Tigers and the Crimson Tide defense is stout so unless Les Miles can work up some serious vodoo magic, I'm not sure they will be able to muster enough offense or get enough break to beat Alabama.  The Crimson Tide are too much for the Tigers.

A couple of other things to watch this weekend.

Arizona has a ton of speed on both sides of the football, and Stanford is a big strong team.  Which side wins?  I am going with speed.  The Wildcats are going to get pressure on Cardinal QB Andrew Luck and pull off the upset.

Baylor is ranked.  Normally I just say Baylor is rank, but the pollsters have thrown the Bears a bone and put them in the polls.  Can they earn it today against the Oklahoma State Cowboys?  No.  Sorry Baylor fans, but your bubble bursts today as the Cowboy offense is too much for Baylor QB Robert Griffin to overcome.

It's going to be another great weekend of college football, so tune in and have a blast!

Last Edited: 11/05/2010

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