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Let me Fix Your BCS for you

Written by Curtis Popejoy on 01/05/2009

Man do I love College Football!  I love the regular season, I love conference championships and I love Bowl season!  But unfortunately many many football fans hate the BCS and Bowl season, and want it changed.  Me, I am all for keeping things just the way they are.  It adds so much more value to the regular season, and much more value to the Bowls themselves than a playoff would, but I realize I am in the minority.  College football fans are also NFL fans, they they have come to love an undervalued regular season, a playoff and that closure that helps them sleep at night.  Boring!  I never want College Football come come to a point where good teams are resting players the last week of the season because they game doesn't matter.  God I just threw up in my mouth a little.

But to appease the masses, I have racked my brain and come up with a solution that the masses and the traditionalists can both work with and would help give both sides what they want.  But in order to do it, a few changes will need to happen to the fundamental structure of college football and here they are.

First, no more automatic bids for conference championships.  Sorry ACC and Big East Champs, but if you can't find your way to the top 6 of the BCS by the end of the season, you play in a smaller Bowl, and you'll like it.

Second, neither the AP or Coaches polls will be published until the completion of the 5th week of the season.  This will help teams who typically start low in the polls and have to work their way up, and just run out of time and will keep bigtime programs from laying the frosting too heavy on the cupcakes they play early on.

Third, the BCS poll determines the top 6.  Period.  Don't complain.  If teams do what they are supposed to do all season, they will be where they need to by the end of the season.

Fourth, and this is a biggie, restrictions on teams in the tourney based on conference cannot exist.  If 3 Big Ten teams are among the top 6, then they are in.  This isn't little league, we don't have to let every conference play, if they don't deserve it.

Ok, so how would my solution look?  It would be a 6 team tourney, with the top 2 seeds getting a bye week.  Then 3 would play 6, as part of a Bowl game, neutral field, and same for 4 and 5.  Winners would move on, just like any playoff, higher seeded winner plays 2, lower plays 1, in a Bowl game.  The two winners would then play the BCS title game, in whatever location.

How would that have looked this year?  Oklahoma and Florida gets a bye.  Utah plays Texas and USC plays Alabama.  Say those are the Fiesta and Orange Bowls.  Then in the next round, oh let's say Utah and USC win.  Utah would then play OU, and USC Florida, as say the Rose and Sugar.  Then the winners, say USC and OU, in the BCS Title game.  At that point could there be any complaints from fans praying for closure?  I'd say no.  The only people who would complain, and rightfully so, would be the fans of a team like USC, who may have to pay insane prices for go to basically 3 Bowl games.  But tough, you want closure you'll have it.

Personally, I would hate a system like this.  I can't imagine being a University of Utah player in this scenario.  This year, you were able to see the elation on their faces as they beat Alabama in the Sugar Bowl.  Their season ends on a huge note.  Now, instead of that, in a playoff, say they win their first round game.  Not the same elation, because they know they have another game next week, and in that game they lose.  Their season is shot.

The Bowls mean so much more to players and coaches than any fan can understand.  And the playoff systems in other level of college football don't work right all the time either.  Watching the West Virginia head coach, and QB Pat White after that win, with how his career ended, was tremendous, and cannot be replaced by a quarter final game.  The fact of the matter is, on all levels of football, the two teams that finish the season playing for a championship are less about who the two best teams were that year, and who were the two best playing teams, right then.  Let's not kid ourselves into some false sense of closure in these scenarios.  If your team is left out you hate it, but if your team makes it at the expense of another, it's much easier to swallow.  The scenario I laid out is one possibility, but I understand it has flaws.  It also fixes many of the problems we read about on a daily basis with DI College Football.  As for me, I love the system just as it is.  Perfect with all it's flaws but still the most exciting sports season of any of them.  Thank you God for College football because it's proof positive you lose us all.

Last Edited: 04/03/2009

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