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The Five(ish) Guys Every Football Fan Should Follow on Twitter

Written by Curt Popejoy on 11/09/2010

Now please understand, I have ZERO interest in pop culture, fashion, or anything else not football related on Twitter (well almost, but read on).  So my list of the 5 or so Tweeps you must follow are very much football-centric.

This data was collected by following and unfollowing NFL players, coaches, and all those connected with the sports.  Some guys Tweet a lot, but I feel like I am losing IQ points when I try and read them, so they get the unfollow.  Other guys use their Twitters strictly as marketing devices, and have a bot posting their Tweets. Unfollow.  Other guys just don't Tweet.  Unfollow.  These are the guys I look for in my News Feed every day, because they never fail to impress, amuse or just entertain.

5. Gregg Doyel, Sports columnist for cbssports.com.  Twitter ID: greggdoyelcbs
First off, understand if you have thin skin or are easily offended, you might want to steer clear of Doyel.  He is not afraid of offending anyone, if he feels like they have it coming.  But he's smart, witty, and sometimes even right.  And him on Twitter is way better than having to listen to he and Frank Wright stroke each other on the radio when Doyel is on his show in KC. If you want a mention from Doyel, either piss him off, or be smart.

4. Adam Schefter/Chris Mortensen, NFL Insiders for ESPN.  Twitter ID: mortreport and Adam_Schefter
I could have posted either on their own, but since their info mirrors each other, you can pick and choose if you don't want to follow both.  But they are both super dialed into the NFL, and provide serious breaking news via their feed.  In some cases, they are good about responding to questions and mentions, which is always a plus.

3. Gerald Alexander, former NFL Defensive Back currently seeking employment. Twitter ID:  GA42
Normally I wouldn't care much about an NFL player who can't hold down a job, but Alexander is the exception.  Very outspoken and opinionated and never hesitates to get into some good spirited banter.  You want to stir him up?  Rip on his Boise State Broncos.  Especially tell him that the Arkansas Razorbacks can beat them.  And don't ask with CHM means.  You'll figure it out. I almost hope he doesn't get signed anytime soon, for fear of him Tweeting less (I kid, GA42's a solid player and should be playing in the league).

2. Pete Carroll, Head Coach Seattle Seahawks.  Twitter ID: PeteCarroll
Less now, but in the offseason Coach Pete was all over the Twitter-verse and he was a great read.  He'd post the Song of the Day, answer fan questions, bring in the Seahawks GM to answer questions... There was no doubt if you sent him something you'd probably hear back (if you weren't an idiot).  He didn't shy away from tough questions from fans either. Of all the coaches I've seen on Twitter, Coach Carroll was the top.

1. Shawn Andrews, Offensive line New York Giants. Twitter ID: IMShawnAndrews
Andrews is the Twitter king. He's hilarious, random, genuine, and accessible.  I won't lie, I am biased.  I have followed Shawn's career since high school, and even got a chance to meet him at Arkansas. I can promise you he's the same Big Kid now he was then.  His Tweets about football, music, his family, and a whole lot about food, make for great entertainment on my feed. Every NFL fan, especially Giants fans, who want to interact with a really good guy, who also happens to also be a great football player, Andrews is your guy.  Cot-Tam!

Honorable mention goes to Sports Illustrated Writer Peter King. Twitter ID: SI_PeterKing 
The man is a legend as a writer, and posts some great tidbits about football, sports and just life in general.  His ability to handle the vitriol of his fans is unmatched by his peers.

Honorable mention No. 2 goes to Todd McShay, draft expert ESPN. Twitter ID: McShay13
For most, McShay is the JV squad compared to the heavy hitter that is Mel Kiper Jr., but in the Twitter-verse, McShay is the man.  Mainly because he actually Tweets about stuff and talks about prospects.  Kiper mainly just bot Tweets links to his upcoming chats.  Maybe during draft season Kiper will step up his game, but for now, McShay is the man.

If you all have other favorites, please make sure to mention them in the comments.  Like for example nfldraftboard

Last Edited: 11/09/2010

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