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The Cecil and Kenny Show - The Ever Twisting Saga of Cam Newton

Written by Curt Popejoy on 11/14/2010

I, like you have been beaten over the head the past couple of days with all the talk about Auburn University Tigers phenom QB Cam Newton, and all the allegations that are coming forward ranging everywhere from cheating on tests, to stealing a laptop, to possibly accepting somewhere in the Neighborhood of $200,000 to attend Auburn over other schools.  At least it has given us a break from Brett Favre and Randy Moss I suppose.  But what I think is being missed in this is there are really two debates here that don’t go down the same path, for me at least.

First big issue here are the actions of Newton.  I started looking closely at Newton when he signed his letter of intent to go to the University of Florida.  I felt like it was a bad decision by him and his handlers, because of the position and regard the Florida staff and fans already had for Tim Tebow and at the time, he was coming in along with another heralded Freshman in John Brantley.  Any time I see a player make a choice like this, I have to wonder if it were driven by financial gains, with so many other schools out there, with great programs who wanted him and where he would have played right away.

He went to the Gators anyway, and was the backup to Tebow in 2007, and in 2008 was going to once again be the backup but got hurt and took a medical redshirt.  Not long after this was when the problems started.  This was when he was arrested for stealing the laptop, Tebow was now Jesus in Cleats and so there was no place for Newton at Florida.  But there was a place for him at Blinn Community College in Texas.  Keep in mind, back in 2007, Newton had offers from schools like Oklahoma, Georgia, Mississippi State, Ole Miss., Maryland, and Virginia Tech.

Fast forward and he has a tremendous year at Blinn leading them to a NJCAA National Championship.  I got to be field level for that title game and I was impressed with him, and couldn’t wait to see where he ended up. 

Where he ended up, after a lot of debate was Auburn where he’s now the top college football player in the country, frontrunner for the Heisman Trophy and leading his Tigers to a possible BCS title run.

In the midst of all this, there has been a lot of things come out.  First was the cheating while at Florida.  I will address this quickly.   College students cheat.  Of all the things we can be concerned with, this shouldn’t be one of them.  Might have happened.  Might not have.  Irrelevant to the discussion.

Second was the whole laptop incident.  This is a fact and it’s on record.  Stupid move by Newton no doubt.  But is it a Reggie Bush thing?  No.  It’s not even a Jeremiah Masoli incident, and no one even cares about that now.  Once again, let’s move on.

The third and the big issue here is how he ended up at Auburn. I’m not going to make this into a huge recanting of the details because they are everywhere.  Cliff’s Notes version is Newton supposedly was on the market, by his dad Cecil, and the asking price was big bucks.  If you follow the trail forward, you assume that Auburn was the school who came through with the cash, because all reports out of Mississippi State suggest Mississippi State either bowed out or got out bid.

As the days have dragged on, a pretty good pile of circumstantial evidence has been piling up.  And let’s keep in mind folks, people have been convicted of murder on nothing but circumstantial evidence, so stop crying for more proof.

So, if we are to believe what is out there, what does it mean going forward?  If you are a Heisman voter or a voter in either poll, you are praying Georgia beats them on Saturday so you can justify dumping Cameron off the Heisman ballot, and Auburn out of the BCS mix.  But if they win, you have a moral decision to make.  Do you want to continue to support Newton and Auburn in the knowledge it’s potentially a Reggie Bush/USC situation?  Fortunately for Heisman voters they have some time to sort it all out before they cast their ballot in early December. 

But for pollsters, if Auburn keeps winning, what do you do?  If Newton was really paid this massive amount of cash by Auburn to go to school there, he and Auburn have no business staying ranked high enough to compete for a BCS title.  If I am a voter, win or lose, I dump Auburn out of the Top 2 this week.  Better to be safe than sorry in the day and age of guilty until proven innocent.  Save a lot of paperwork too.

The second big issue, and to me a less meaningful one, is the why of all this stuff is coming forward now?  To me, it doesn’t matter.  Is it an attempt to get Newton suspended or even distracted before the SEC title game?  Maybe.  Big whoop.  Sounds like he and his old man, and the university did some real stupid stuff.  If you don’t want the stupid stuff you do effecting your life, DON’T DO STUPID STUFF!  College teams do lots of things to gain a competitive advantage.  This is another example of that.  At this point, I have a hard time believing that what former Miss. State player Kenny Rogers has fabricated all this.  You mix in Miss. State coaches collaborating the story to a degree, and it’s not a matter of "poor Cam Newton I can’t believe these schools are doing this."  It’s "why would you be so foolish to do this, and not expect to get caught?"

And for all of your attempting to discredit the story with conspiracy theories, keep in mind, this is not a lone gunman type of situation here.  Lots of sources and lots of outlets are reporting information.  I would be onboard with the Cam Newton Truthers more if this were a single source type of thing where it looked like there was a single writer headhunting for Newton.  But that isn’t the case at all.

The bottom line on all this for me is, a lot of adults who knew better did some stuff they shouldn’t have.  The divide is where you think it’s Newton and his people or the people who are reporting it.  My gut tells me that even though this is a blatant headhunting attack by these universities and media, it’s based on the truth, and that trumps any personal agendas.  No matter how badly you want to discredit the University of Florida or Kenny Rogers, or whomever in the media has been reporting all this, if it turns out to be true, then nothing else is more important.  If I am the Newton family and this didn’t happen, I immediately file lawsuits against everyone involved on the other side, to prove part of your innocence, and I show the proof easily needed that these meetings didn’t take place.  But the fact you have done none of those things leads me to believe that the Newtons and Auburn are hoping to just stick their heads in the sand and pray this goes away.  I’m not sure if it works that way, especially in light of the USC problems.   Duck and cover Auburn and Cam Newton, because it’s about to hit the fan.


NOTE: I would like to point out that I made a correction in this article after it was posted.  I inadvertently typed University of Auburn, rather than Auburn University.  Thanks to Abigail Beesley, I was able to fix it.  I was also able to find out she thinks I'm a dumbass, a douche bag, and that she is incapable of proper grammar, as she used "your" rather than the correct form "you're" twice in the same hate mail, while correcting me.  Thanks Abigail.  "Your" a real fan.

Last Edited: 11/12/2010

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