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My State of College Football Address

Written by Curt Popejoy on 11/16/2010

My fellow college football fans, I am speaking to you today, to help you understand where we are as a nation.  A College Football Nation.  We have seen some troubling waters, but we have forged ahead and I feel like we have new hope, and we are energized as we move into a new stage of our season.

Pretty impressive, huh?  Here's what we learned.

The Big East stinks.  This weekend, the first 3 Big East teams became bowl eligible.  The two problems with that?  None of those 3 are leading the Big East, and it took them nearly 3 months to get a team to win 6 games.  If there was ever an argument to eliminate automatic bids to BCS bowls, it's this pack of misfits. 

Auburn has a big set of balls.  They get notice from the NCAA that Cam "Cash Money" Newton is being investigated and potentially may not be eligible, but the Tigers stood behind their QB, and possibly their giant lie, and played him.  What does it matter?  Benching Newton and finding out Auburn paid Newton's pimp, er I mean dad 6 figures to play means life in prison without parole.  Playing him after they've been put on notice, and finding out it all went down, and their program gets the Texas express lane to the electric chair.  I can appreciate them going all in, because chances like this don't come along too often.

People take the human polls way too serious.  I keep hearing from people, "what are they thinking?" and "how could they decide to vote that way?"  Let's all sit down in a circle, crisscross applesauce and talk a little. 

The USA Today poll is a poll voted on by the coaches, which means best case scenario is you get a ballot turned in by a Head Coach who has spent the entire weekend watching his own team, and really has no idea about what happened in any other games.  Or more likely you get a ballot turned in with their name on it, that was filled out by an assistant or better yet an SID, who is clueless about what happened in any other games.
The AP Poll is way better though, right?  Hardly.  This poll is voted on by sports writers, most of which spent their Saturday's at a stadium, watching and writing on their own team, so they cast their votes based largely on personal and conference bias, and highlights.  So scientific.

My point is, don't think too much about the human polls.  They figure into the BCS, but they alone are just a few random opinions.  As we've seen, the BCS takes much more into consideration and for my money is much closer to being accurate than any human poll.

Schedule fatigue is starting to settle in.  Looking at the remaining 4 undefeated teams, you are seeing a trend I predicted many months ago.  While Oregon, Auburn, and TCU continue to win, you can see fatigue of a long difficult schedule starting to set in.  I've said since the preseason the biggest advantage Boise State will have come Bowl season is, their soft schedule allows their team to be more fresh late in the year, and they come into their post season with a healthier and more energized team.  Auburn keeps winning, but they have to play teams far more physical week after week, and that has a cumulative effect on players.  We are seeing this now.

And finally we learned that college football is still king.  I know this isn't new information, but c'mon?  Did you watch the Iowa and Northwestern game?  There was more drama and action in that than a whole season of 24, and it was due in large part to Northwestern QB Dan Persa.  Thoughts and prayers go out to him, as he tore his achilles on what turned out to be the game winning touchdown pass.  Persa is what makes college football so great.  He's probably never going to make millions in the NFL, but you watch him play week after week, and you'd assume he already is.  In an age where NFL players play just for the money, and don't give effort, there's nothing like seeing a player like Persa play like there's no tomorrow.

Last Edited: 11/16/2010

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