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BCS Bowl Predicitions

Written by Curt Popejoy on 12/01/2010

BCS Championship Game - Auburn v. Oregon
As much as we’d like to think that one of these teams is going to fall before the title game, I just don’t see it.  Auburn has a tough go in the SEC title game, assuming they aren’t spent from the Iron Bowl, they are still much more talented than South Carolina and should win this game. Oregon and Oregon State sounds good on paper, but the Beavers just don’t have enough offense to hang with the Ducks.

Rose Bowl - Wisconsin v. TCU
This is a game I’d love to see.  Both teams rack up points in huge chunks and their defenses have been stout.  Which unit holds out better could determine the winner.  I personally think that TCU is a more balanced team, and considering their schedule, more rested and fresh going into the game.

Fiesta Bowl - Oklahoma v. Stanford
A re-match of last year’s Sun Bowl and a matchup that looks to be really close on paper.  Stanford QB Andrew Luck is the best QB in the country and Sooner QB Landry Jones is one of the most frustrating.  Ultimately Oklahoma has more talent but as we’ve all seen Bob Stoops has a tendency to not get his teams up for the big games.

Orange Bowl - Virginia Tech v. Connecticut
This might be the worst bowl matchup of all time in terms of national attention.  The Big East has been awful, but I expect UConn to beat South Florida and back into a BCS bowl game.  I honestly will watch this game, but I think that Virginia Tech is just playing too good right now for a Big East team, any Big East team, to run with.

Sugar Bowl - Arkansas v. Ohio State
This is the throw in game among the BCS bowls.  No conference winners left, so they take two at-large teams and assuming Auburn wins the SEC, this should be how it plays out.  Only other scenario I see is if Auburn loses. They will still get a BCS bowl, and South Carolina should then get one as well, bumping Arkansas out of the mix.  In this matchup, I give the edge to Arkansas, because they have much stronger QB play, but the bottom line is, this might be the most competitive of all the BCS bowls.

Last Edited: 12/01/2010

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