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How to Contact Us

Player Interviews We're always very interested to hear from you. In particular we'd love to hear from Players or their Agents keen to do an interview with Mark or Curt. The best way to get in touch with us about this is via email. Curt or Mark will get back to you.
email: interviews@draftboardinsider.com


If you've written something you think would be a good article for the website then feel free to send it to us. We can't guarantee to publish it and we can't pay for any submission at the present time. If it's good though, we'd be very happy to provide you with a forum for your work. We may need to edit it for content or length but we'll only do that with your approval.
email: editor@draftboardinsider.com

Feedback and Ideas

We'd also love your feedback about the site, good or bad but try to keep it constructive if it's a critique! The info on the website is provided not only with no fees but also ad free as well. We all do this in our spare time so please bear that in mind. If you've got a great idea you'd love to see here then do please let us know. If we like it, we'll do our best to make it happen. We're always keen to listen to you guy's ideas for articles as well. We want to make this site as good as it can be. We can only do that with your help!
email: feedback@draftboardinsider.com

Technical Issues

If you hit problems with the site, find broken links, get an Internal Server Error please let us know. Our Tech guy Ben is on a different time zone as he's in New Zealand but he'll do his best to rectify any problems as soon as he wakes up! If you manage to generate an Internal Server Error from one of the CGI scripts, please copy and paste the URL that caused it into your email. That will be invaluable in tracing the problem.

email: faults@draftboardinsider.com

Emailing the team

The above email addresses will go to one or more of the DBI Crew but if you have something specific you want to contact us about personally, you can reach us at these addresses:
Curtis Popejoy: curt@draftboardinsider.com
Mark Mitchell: mark@draftboardinsider.com
John Clifford: jc@draftboardinsider.com
Ben Morgan: ben@draftboardinsider.com



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