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I haven't looked this forward to the start of a college football season in a long time.  This whole NFL labor dispute has become so tedious and both sides have just worn me down to a point I really hope they all lose.  But on the flipside we are just 3 months away from what promises to be one of the most entertaining college football seasons in recent memory, not only because of the teams and the talent, but because for football fans, we are starved for entertainment and the mathcups look epic.  

Here on the site, we are going to do much more than just cover the draft, but you already knew that.  But as a bonus we are going to do much much more.  This is the first season in 3 years I won't be a full time graduate student and the time that's going to allow me me means more for you all.  We are also in the process as we expand the site to bring in new team members who love football as much as us.  If you think you want to be a part of this, drop us an email or tweet or facebook message and we'll see what we can do.

So keep en eye on the site follow us on twitter and facebook and be on the lookout for tons of football coverage done with the signature DBI style.  Don't forget here we workship on Saturday's and our congregations meet at football stadiums.  God loves football!

Some things to look for this Summer/Fall


Pre-Season All American teams
Positional rankings for college and the NFL
Fantasy football rankings
Heisman Trophy frontrunners along with my ongoing season updates
Pre-Season Top 10ish poll and National Championship Predicition
Conference breakdowns for all the major conferences as well as draft prospects for each
Some underrated guys who are going to go nuclear this season
Best of the Bunch for every positional group in college football
Weekly "Games to Watch" and "Players to Watch"
Audio podcasts on all things football and sports related(and some other ramblings as well)

And this is just the beginning.  So stay tuned for everything we've got going down this Fall!


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