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Way too early(never too early) NFL Mock Draft

Written by Curt Popejoy on 09/24/2011

1. Kansas City Chiefs-Andrew Luck, QB Stanford-A forgone conclusion at this point.
2. Indianapolis Colts-Matt Barkley, QB USC-I expect Barkley to wow teams in the offseason.
3. Seattle Seahawks-Robert Griffin III, QB Baylor-Mr. Momentum of the current college season.  The man crushes will be plentiful.
4. Carolina Panthers-Justin Blackmon, WR Oklahoma State-Makes perfect sens to give your young quarterback an elite pass catcher and Blackmon is that guy.
5. Miami Dolphins-Alshon Jeffery, WR South Carolina-Miami is able to move the ball, but they need a bigger target for Henne.
6. St. Louis Rams-Matt Kalil, OT USC-This team needs speed on defense and at wide receiver, but Kalil might be the best prospect in the draft and you can't pass him up.
7. Minnesota Vikings-Jonathan Martin, OT Stanford-When you have the best running back in the game, you need to give him an offensive line that works with him not against him.
8. Denver Broncos-Quinton Coples, DE North Carolina-The Broncos transition on defense gets easier with a rush end like Coples.
9. Oakland Raiders-Dre' Kirkpatrick, CB Alabama-After losing their best cornerback last season, they get the best one in the country in this draft.
10. Jacksonville Jaguars-Michael Floyd, WR Notre Dame-Another team with a young quarterback but average talent at wide out.  Floyd might be the best all around receiver in this draft.
11. San Fransisco 49ers-Donte Paige-Moss, DE/LB North Carolina-The heart of a 3-4 defense are the linebackers, and Paige-Moss would pair nicely with Aldon Smith on the edges.
12. Tennessee Titans-Ryan Broyles, WR Oklahoma-I'm not convinced that Broyles is a first round pick but he fits a need here.
13. Chicago Bears-Riley Reiff, OT Iowa-Cutler gets sacks.  A lot.  An upgrade at tackle can't be a bad thing.
14. Cleveland Browns-Jerel Worthy, DT Michigan State-I really like Worthy as a pass rusher from the interior and the Browns need that.
15. Arizona Cardinals-Brandon Jenkins, DE/LB Florida State-The Cardinals rush OLBs are old and done.  Jenkins is a much needed improvement.
16. Cincinnati Bengals-Trent Richardson, RB Alabama-I see no reason the Bengals would bring Ced Benson back next year especially if they can get a special player like Richardson to replace him.
17. New York Giants-Brandon Thompson, DT Clemson-You can always count on the Giants upgrading their offensive line, and I like Thompson as a physical presence in the middle.
18. Tampa Bay Buccaneers-Stephon Gilmore, CB South Carolina-The Bucs don't have a lot of big holes their roster, so Gilmore as a BPA pick makes sense.
19. Washington Redskins-Luke Kuechly, LB Boston College-If there's a spot on the Redskins D that needs improvement it's middle linebacker.  Kuechly is a bigtime playmaker with great range.
20. Detroit Lions-Morris Claiborne, CB LSU-I expect Claiborne to end up being taken sooner than this come next April, but if he fell here, he'd be a steal for this talented Lions team.
21. Buffalo Bills-Vontaze Burfict, LB Arizona State-I like Nick Barnett, but you have to figure his shelf life is a little limited and Burfict has the potential to be a dominant player.
22. Dallas Cowboys-Alfonzo Dennard, CB Nebraska-I hope Dennard is able to get on the field enough to be worth of a pick this high because there's no doubt he can play.
23.  Pittsburgh Steelers-Josh Chapman, DT Alabama-While this team has greater needs, they will ignore those to draft depth behind NT Casey Hampton.
24. Baltimore Ravens-Bruce Irvin, OLB West Virginia-The Ravens love big athletic  OLB's who can get after the quarterback and Irvin fits the bill.
25. Cleveland Browns(from Atlanta Falcons)-Cliff Harris, CB Oregon-Harris is a very talented coverage player and kick returner and would surely upgrade an average secondary.
26. New England Patriots(from New Orleans Saints)-Kelechi Osemele, OG Iowa State-Huge mountain of a man and would bring young to the Patiots offensive line.
27. New York Jets-Jared Crick, DE Nebraska-I wouldn't consider Crick a solid first round pick, but as a 3-4 DE he's certainly the best.  
28. Houston Texans-Devin Taylor, DE/LB South Carolina-The Texans have one dominant 3-4 OLB in Mario Williams, but Taylor would give them that star tandem every defense needs.
29. San Diego Chargers-Zach Brown, LB North Carolina-This linebacker class is talented and that means even this late the Chargers can upgrade their linebacking unit.
30. Philadelphia Eagles-David DeCastro, OG Stanford-The Eagles offensive is explosive but it's only as good as it's blocking and DeCastro has the look of a ten year starter.
31. New England Patriots-Alameda Ta'Amu, NT Washington-The Pats love guys who can do multiple things and Ta'Amu can anchor several spots on the defensive line.
32. Green Bay Packers-Kheeston Randall, DT/DE Texas-When you pick this late you can reach a little, so the Packers take a guy with a lot of upside to upgrade it's defensive line.

Last Edited: 09/24/2011

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