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Scouting Snapshots-Andrew Luck

Written by Curt Popejoy on 03/19/2012

Andrew Luck, QB Stanford

Height-6’4” Weight-234lbs


The Quick and the Dirty-Luck is a fabulous player but you already knew that.  The shortcomings in his game, namely his arm strength is something that can be improved.  Aaron Rogers certainly did it post draft.  Speaking of other Packer comparisons, Luck reminds me more than a little of Brett Favre in the sense that he tries to do too much sometimes and forces plays.  This can also be corrected and as smart as he is, I suspect he will.  I’ve been rating QBs for a long time, and if I were ranking my top 5 from the last 5 drafts it would go 1. Matt Stafford, 2. Sam Bradford, 3. Andrew Luck, 4. Matt Ryan, and 5. Cam Newton.  It’s sort of redundant to sing the praises of Luck’s game. 

Final Word-Luck isn’t going to be great right out of the gate.  The Colts have left him with nothing in terms of talent around him and you pair that with Peyton Manning signing with Denver and you have a recipe for a season marked with ups and downs and unfair comparisons.  I expect Luck’s development to be a 2-3 year process considering that offense is going to have to be re-built around him.  Colts fans will need to be patient.

Last Edited: 03/19/2012

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