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Instant Analysis-Picks 9-16 2012 NFL Draft

Written by Curt Popejoy on 04/26/2012

9. Carolina Panthers-Luke Kuechly, LB Boston College-Great pick for the Panthers.  He's a 3 down backer and like I said in my bold predictions earlier today, he's the next great NFL linebacker.  No flaws in his game and unstoppable.  LOVE IT!

10.Buffalo Bills-Stephon Gilmore, CB South Carolina-Nice safe pick here.  Probably not the impact player in terms of stats that Micael Floyd would, but he's a super clean pick and if the Bills can get some pressure on the quarterback he'll have a chance to make a lot of plays.  LIKE IT!

11.Kansas City Chiefs-Dontari Poe, DT Memphis-The Chiefs has had problems with high picks on the defensive line and that might not have stopped.  If Poe can play up to his athletic potential, he'll be dominant.  But if he plays like his film, he's going to be very average. LIKE IT!

12.Philadelphia Eagles-Fletcher Cox, DT Mississippi State-Great player.  Got better every game I watched him play.  The Eagles haven't always done well with interior defensive linemen in recent drafts, but moving up to get Cox is a very smart move.  He's going to crash the middle of the offensive line.  LOVE IT!

13.Arizona Cardinals-Michael Floyd, WR Notre Dame-I happen to be a huge Floyd pimp.  Love his game and with an influence around him like Larry Fitzgerald, he'll be a quality young man as well.  But is there anyone who can get him the football?  LOVE IT!

14. St. Louis Rams-Michael Brockers, DT LSU-I like the player, but don't love what it means for the Rams.  Their team is bad, but with the problems in the secondary, on the offensive line and with the skill players, is a raw unpolished DT the answer in the first round?  LIKE IT!

15. Seattle Seahawks-Bruce Irvin, DE WVU-I hate even putting him as a DE because he's far too small to be a 3 down end.  He's going to be a pass rush specialist, but I think he's a total reach pick, and I'm not convinced the Seahawk defense is a good fit for him.  Like him as a player, but not this early and not to this team.  HATE IT!

16. New York Jets-Quinton Coples, DE North Carolina-Pretty meh kind of pick.  The Jets got burned on Vernon Gholston, and I'm not sure I would have rolled the dice on another guy like that.  In his defense, the Jets don't ask a lot of their rushers, and they can count on that from Coples.

Last Edited: 04/26/2012

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