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NFL Mt. Rushmore-Denver Broncos

Written by Curt Popejoy on 06/10/2012

Every NFL Franchise has it’s own pantheon of football gods. That group of players who are not only historic in terms of talent, but even more than that, these are the players who you have to talk about when you tell the story of your team. This is part of a 32 article series where I tell you who I would put among that elite group. For this, it’s Mt. Rushmore. 4 players only. The 4 heads you would carve on a mountain that would live forever as the greatest in franchise history.  

Now, I don’t profess to know the history of every franchise in the league. So, I did my research. And part of that was reaching out to you fans. But if you don’t agree with the 4 guys I have selected, come find me on Twitter at www.twitter.com/nfldraftboard and let me hear what you think.  


Denver Broncos-The Broncos are a franchise that has been very much up and down in terms of success, and to be quite honest having a player like John Elway, whom I consider the greatest NFL player of all time on their roster affords them some level of arrogance.  When I was looking at their rosters to determine who goes on Mt. Rushmore, it's all about the Elway era, broken into 2 parts.  When they could get to the Super Bowl and not win it, and when they finally did.  Names like Ed McCaffrey, Rod Smith, Tom Jackson, Louis Wright,  and Bill Romanowski were all in the mix.  Lots of really great players from those teams and here's my Big 4. 

John Elway, QB-Another candidate for the Mt. Rushmore of greatest NFL players of all time.  There’s never been a quarterback who did more with less than Elway.  Leading some very average Broncos teams to Super Bowls and 2 good ones to Super Bowl Championships.  It’s a tragedy that Elway was only the league MVP once in his career. 

Shannon Sharpe, TE-Sharpe redefined the tight end position and while he benefited by having a HOF quarterback like Elway to throw to him, there’s no doubt that Sharpe was a supremely talented football player.  

Terrell Davis, RB-The great debate on Davis was the length of his career.  I always thought that was bunk.  For his first 4 years in the league, Davis was one of the best backs in the league, and in 1998 a case could be make he was THE best in the league.  And don’t kid yourself, his Super Performances, particularly playing through a migraine in Super Bowl XXXII is Super Bowl Legend.  

Gary Zimmerman, OT-Another guy I called upon Broncos Nation for.  It was Zimmerman or Karl Mecklenburg and while it was close, Elway’s blindside protector gets the nod.

Last Edited: 06/10/2012

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