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Best of the Bunch-Quarterbacks

Written by Curt Popejoy on 06/10/2012

Quarterbacks-This list isn’t about best NFL draft prospect. And it’s not based solely on who the best starter is. In college football, the backup quarterback is one play away from being on the field and a team with depth is crucial. The 4 teams I listed below have dynamic playmakers, pro prospects, and in some cases carry their teams on their backs.

4-Kansas State-Wildcat quarterback Collin Klein was the driving force behind the return of the Kansas State football program last year. And he did it in large part with his legs. It’s not about being the best thrower to being an elite college quarterback, and I have no doubt for all he does for his team, Klein is elite. You figure in his primary backups, Sam Johnson and Daniel Sams are both excellent athletes very well suited to the offense and should be able to step in and run that rush heavy o very well.

3- Georgia-I was on the Aaron Murray bandwagon bigtime last year, and while he was able to throw for over 3,100 yards and a school record 35 touchdowns(+2 more touchdowns rushing), I expect even bigger things from him this year. Also his backup Hutson Mason is no slouch on his own, and while I doubt he'll be called upon for anything but mop up duty, his talent does figure into it. But this unit is number 3 on the arm of Murray, and his arm is going to carry that offense. 

2- Arkansas-Love Tyler Wilson. Love him. I was more than a little shocked when he didn't declare at the end of last season, because I think at worst he would have been at worst the third best quarterback in the 2012 NFL Draft, and almost certainly a top 10 pick along with Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III. But he returned to school, the program spent much of the offseason in implosion mode between former coach Petrino and several of his wide receivers either being suspended or transferring. Regardless whoever is on the field, Wilson will get them the football. And while his primary backup this year will likely be Junior Brandon Mitchell, Freshman Brandon Allen is just dripping with potential and is the future.

1-USC-For the Trojans, they have the best of both worlds. While I think it is close, I do consider Matt Barkley a better all around quarterback over Tyler Wilson of the Razorbacks, the difference is not huge. What makes this choice simple is the depth. The Trojans have 3 backup quarterbacks, Cody Kessler, Max Wittek, and Jesse Scroggins who are all exceptional talents and while it’s cliché would likely start for many teams in the top 25, and they will be relegated to carrying a clipboard. But regardless that depth of talent paired up with such an exceptional talent and Barkley and it’s easy to see why the Trojans are the Best of the Bunch.

Last Edited: 06/10/2012

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