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Sunday Mail Sack

Written by Curt Popejoy on 06/24/2012

What are your thoughts on the Jerry Sandusky verdict?

I think that in terms of the law, they got it right. The man was a monster and the worst kind of human being. There will be lots of parents and kids who have interacted with Sandusky that will probably sleep better because this man will never leave prison. I also think that the backlash from this is going to be tremendous. The civil suits filed against Penn State are going to be counted in the tens of millions of dollars. It won’t cripple the University by any means but it will be significant for certain. But for all the good things that this verdict means, there’s nothing to cheer about in this. These victim’s lives are ruined forever. Yes, they may be able to carry on something that resembles a normal life, but Jerry Sandusky ruined it for them a long time ago, and no amount of prison time will repair the damage he’s done. It there is anything that can come from this going forward is a change in the attitude of the people that come in contact with people like Sandusky. The ones who know what a monster does and does nothing about it is no better than the beast himself.

Doug in Pittsburgh, PA

Are there any college freshmen that you think will really have an impact this season?

Dion, I assume by your question and where you live, you might just be a Missouri fan and you are fishing for me to pick the newest Missouri Tiger WR Dorial Green-Beckham. I had the good fortune to watch Beckham play live several times when he was at Hillcrest as it’s only about 90 minutes from where I live and he’s a tremendous player. I think in that offense, once he’s up to speed can certainly have a Sammy Watkins type of impact.

But let me give you another name. Trey Williams, RB Texas A&M. Williams is a little water bug of a back, and looks to have a frame to out to around 200lbs. But for now he’s going to be a scat back type and with Cyrus Gray gone, and with Christine Michael coming off a torn ACL, this Fall they are going to give Williams every opportunity to get reps.

Dion in Overland Park, KS

Are you a fan of any other sports?

I guess the short answer is not really. But let me explain a little Brian. I used to follow all the major sports. I was born in 1972, so my peak of sports was obviously the 80’s and 90’s. I was young and thought I had to be into them all. I watched the Edmonton Oilers win Stanley Cups and the Lakers and Celtics and then Bulls winning NBA Titles. I thought the Bash Brothers in Oakland were the best. But football was always my first love. And when I started my website back in 2004 I had a decision to make. I was in my 30’s now and football was to be my focus. I did consider being more of an all sports type of information guy, but to be frank, those guys spread themselves so thin, the quality of what they do suffers I think. I realized in order to do what I wanted to do with www.draftboardinsider.com I had to streamline my sports life. Not to mention in order to watch enough football to do what I wanted with this site, along with a full time job and a family, cuts had to be made and fortunately other professional sports were easy.

I still do watch other sports if you count World’s Strongest Man, Competitive Eating, Stihl Timber Sports and Reebok Crossfit. Good stuff…

Brian W in Little Rock, AR

I read your article about the All22 camera stuff and wondered based on your comments if you consider yourself a journalist?

I do. I know that the difference between a journalist and a blogger is often debated, and while I would lump myself into either category, I do consider myself a journalist. But don’t misunderstand, while I believe that all journalists can be considered a blogger not all bloggers are journalists. I do my best to stick to the journalistic process and rarely if ever do I simply post opinion and commentary on an already existing media article. Do I write articles that is simply my opinion? Of course and because of that I can certainly be considered a blogger. But regardless of what title I carry, my mission is to give readers facts and information, my opinion and entertain to a point that readers find it useful.

Tom in Nashville, TN

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