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Potential Landing Spot for Silas Redd-University of Oklahoma

Written by Curt Popejoy on 07/25/2012

In the wake of the recent explosion of sanctions on Penn state University, one point of debate now is will any of the Nittany Lions talented underclassmen transfer before the start of the season and if so where?  One such player in this position is the super talented Junior running back Silas Redd.
Last season as a sophomore, Redd really asserted himself as a back and rushed for 1,241 rushing yards and 7 touchdowns.  A good, but not great season.  But what we saw with Redd was flashes.  The quick feet.  The cuts.  The explosion and the strength.  This young man with 2 years of college eligibility remaining looks poised to become an elite runner this season.

It only makes sense that a player like Redd, certainly with NFL aspirations, wants to maximize his opportunities and while this year might be safe at Penn State as far as talent goes, next year could be a problem.  So, what is a player like Redd to do with his final 2 years and a first round draft pick in his sights?  

I say he transfers to the University of Oklahoma and I will tell you why.

First, Oklahoma needs Redd.  I know that last season the story of walk on turned Super Hero Dominique Whaley was great.  But there are a couple of problems with it that could prevent a happy ending.  First, Whaley is still recovering from a serious ankle injury he suffered last October.  He's only been released to work out in football activities this week.  To assume that he will be 100 percent this year is something I don't feel comfortable with.

Last season the Sooners were forced to throw the football far too much.  Jones had the third highest pass attempts of any team in the country.  This isn't what their offense wants to do, and was more a product of a lack of depth behind Whaley when he was injured.  

Don't get me wrong, I like Roy Finch and Brennan Clay, but they were beaten out by a walk on.  
The players behind these 3 are largely untested.  All in all, I am not at all comfortable with the depth at RB.  Last season is proof of that as this team had to take to the air far too often and were even forced to use their backup quarterback as a goal line back.  Anyone who thinks this running back situation has improved this year are kidding themselves.

Also keeping in mind that the vaunted passing offense of the Sooners took a hit this year, with suspensions to players like Jaz Reynolds and Trey Franks, leaving only 1 wide out on the roster, Kenny Stills who is the only returning WR with a reception.  The run game is going to carry the load this year until the young wide receiving corps is ready to play.

Second, Redd needs Oklahoma.  Redd's style of play, one cut and go, fits perfectly with what Oklahoma likes to do in the run game.  By using multiple 3 and 4 wide receiver sets, it creates spacing that a player with the explosion of Redd could really exploit, a lot like what we saw DeMarco Murray did during his 4 years at Oklahoma.  No safeties in the box, no stacked lines of scrimmage.  The only people who'd be tackling him would be cheerleaders in the end zone.  But make no mistake, Redd is a much more physical runner, with a lower center of gravity and better leg drive.  Also, Landry Jones loves to throw to his backs out of the backfield and this would give Redd an opportunity to showcase a part of his game that he hasn't been able to at Penn State.  And don't kid yourself, I'm sure the staff would like to have someone other than their backup quarterback lead the team in rushing touchdowns this year and they'd like to be able to leave Landry Jones on the field inside the five yard line. 

Redd needs to be in a positive environment.  The Sooners are in a great position to win their 8th Big 12 Title under Head Coach Bob Stoops, and a 14th straight bowl appearance.  With success comes attention and this university has shown they can produce NFL backs.

Redd needs to get as far from not only the stigma that is attached to this Penn State football program, which includes no chance for him to be a in a post season game in his final 2 seasons, but also the stigma that tends to be attached to recent Penn State running backs that they aren't NFL ready.  There is nothing but positive exposure that can come from Redd playing in the crimson and cream.

In the final analysis, I think some of the young players on the Penn State roster need to find better situations for them, if their hope is to play in the NFL.  Obviously this applies to a much greater degree to the sophomores and freshmen on the roster, but a junior like Redd, who's had a solid first 2 years has to think about his future and no matter how loyal he wants to be to Penn State, he must remember that his future depends on him being drafted and making his career running the football in the national football league.  Redd and the Sooners are a perfect match, with nothing but positive for both sides in this.  C'mon down to Norman, Silas, the BBQ here is good and the football is even better!

Last Edited: 07/25/2012

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