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Scouting Snapshots-Logan Thomas

Written by Curt Popejoy on 08/08/2012

These are my preseason scouting reports.  They are meant to just lay a foundation for where these players are going into the 2012 College Football season.  Obviously when I do final scouting reports on these players after the season, things will change.  No guarantees they will change for the better, and I do my best to be objective and pragmatic.  You all may take that as being negative, but if I like a guy I say so, and if I don't, you'll hear that too.

Logan Thomas, Quarterback Virginia Tech





-Freakish physical stature
-Elite arm strength
-Remarkable athleticism
-Surprising quickness
-Solid mechanics and release
-Footwork of a much more experienced player


-Lack of experience
-Minimal poise in the pocket
-Looks to run first, throw second
-Doesn't deal well with pressure
-Accuracy on short and intermediate routes
-Still a player in transition

2012 Outlook

I am not sure there's a player I am more excited to watch play this year than Thomas.  I remember watching Carolina Panther quarterback Cam Newton in his final game at Blinn college from the sidelines and I turned to a scout from the University of Georgia and said he was going to win the Heisman Trophy.  Didn't realize it would be the following season, but you could just tell his confidence paired with exceptional talent would carry him.  With Thomas, I want to see the confidence.  I realize he's moved from tight end to quarterback, but he has the potential to ride the Newton craze straight to a No. 1 overall pick.  But in order to do that, he must become more polished as a thrower, and learn to love to play quarterback.  He has millions of dollars on the line as a top draft pick, and he would be wise to go back and watch film of what Newton did at Auburn because I have no doubt he's got that kind of potential.


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