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LSU Cornerback Tyrann Mathieu Dismissed From Team

Written by Curt Popejoy on 08/10/2012

Today in a news conference, LSU Tigers head coach Les Miles announced that Tyrann Mathieu, aka "The Honey Badger" aka, the most overrated player in college football has been dismissed from the team for multiple failed drug tests.  What does this mean for Mathieu?  What does it mean for LSU?


First for LSU.   I seriously doubt there's any real drop off in performance on the Tiger defense.  Between Jalen Collins, Tharold Simon, and David Jenkins, the LSU secondary is going to be just stacked.  Going into the season, I wasn't convinced Mathieu would truly be a starter except in name only.  Both Simon and Collins have more potential as corners than Mathieu, and the defense really shouldn't skip a beat.

In terms of a return man, yes Mathieu is dynamic, and so I do expect to see some dropoff there as receiver Odell Beckham takes over.   But I seriously doubt it impacts the Tigers ability to move the football and score.  They just may need to do it in a more conventional manner.

For Mathieu things are more complicated.  It's really late in the game to be trying to transfer.  He could transfer to a DI program and sit for a year, which I suppose is a possibility.  He really had no backup teams coming out of high school.  He was from New Orleans and was going to play at LSU.  So a landing pad at DI is a crap shoot.  I was thinking instead about finding a small school that might be able to take him in late, find him a scholarship and let him keep playing.  I'm a DII guy so here's some DII programs that fit the geographic profile of where he's from.


1. Valdosta State
2. Texas A&M Kingsville
3. Delta State
4. North Alabama


These are all schools that are considered high profile in DII terms and withing a reasonable distance of his hometown.  There are several FSC schools in Louisiana including MeNeese State, Northwestern State and Nicholls State.  Georgian Southern is fairly close and is a perennial power.  But whether it's DII or FCS some team is going to have to take a shot on a young man with some messed up priorities.

What do I really think of Mathieu?  He's an idiot.  He was practically the King of Louisiana, and he squandered it because it wanted to get high.  Regardless of his football shortcomings, most would overdraft him in the first round on hype and sparkle.  Former University of Florida and North Alabama and current St. Louis Rams corner Janoris Jenkins was an idiot too.  But he was gushing with NFL potential.  I can't say Mathieu is gushing like that.  I hope Mathieu finds a landing spot and is able to have the chance to salvage his career but I won't at all be shocked if he doesn't.

Last Edited: 08/10/2012

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