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Scouting Snapshots-Marcus Lattimore

Written by Curt Popejoy on 08/25/2012

These are my preseason scouting reports.  They are meant to just lay a foundation for where these players are going into the 2012 College Football season.  Obviously when I do final scouting reports on these players after the season, things will change.  No guarantees they will change for the better, and I do my best to be objective and pragmatic.  You all may take that as being negative, but if I like a guy I say so, and if I don't, you'll hear that too.

Marcus Lattimore, RB South Carolina





-Ideal NFL Size
-Tackle to tackle his strength
-Great cuts and dancing feet
-Solid pad level and excellent leverage
-Plays like a guy 20lbs heavier
-Committed to positive yardage on every play
-Sticks his foot in the ground and goes
-Natural receiver out of the backfield
-NFL quality vision and play diagnosis


-Lacks elite speed
-Injury red flag
-Not as strong on the edge
-Needs work as a blocker/blitz pick up
-Better football management


2012  Outlook

If Lattimore is healthy and back to 100 percent, he is as good a running back prospect as there is in the country and on par with recent high draft picks like Trent Richardson and Doug Martin.  His greatest strength is also his greatest weakness.  He runs with such and forward lean and so much power, especiall for a guy his size, he opens himself up to take a lot of punishment.  I would like to see him expand his game as an outside runner and take better care of his body.  He's not going to wow people with his elite speed, but on the field he can run away from guys.  All in all Lattimore is one of the ten best RB prospects to come out of college in the past 5 years for me. 

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