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Worst to First: 13. Washington Redskins

Written by Ben Morgan on 04/22/2009

Every year, as sure as February turns to March, Dan Snyder turns to expensive free agents to try and get the Redskins to win something. Every year as sure as December turns to January, he's left with nothing to contemplate in the New Year except what expensive free agents he can sign in March. You'd think this couldn't go on forever but there's no signs of it stopping yet and this years batch includes around $130m on Albert Haynesworth, a true difference maker and more than $25m on Derrick Dockery, a Guard/Tackle who must have the best agent in the world. Either that or negatives of at least half a dozen NFL GMs in compromising positions. It's not like Dockery's a bad player, he's actually pretty solid if you can get over the false starts, but in the last 12 months alone he's signed contracts worth more than $75m with Guaranteed money in the region of $25m. Whoever his agent is, I hope he's on a good percentage. Having again surrendered a lot of picks the Skins have a lot of holes and not many pegs to fill em with. They'll hope some of the guys they drafted last year who didn't do much as rookies step in and contribute to make up for that. With so few picks they must use them very wisely, and possibly by taking the un-sexy (ie unSnyderlike) guys like DE, OL rather than trying to land over priced flashy players. Or they could just hope there's no new CBA and Snyder can finally buy all the free agents in the League.  

2009 Free Agent Losses
2009 Free Agent additions
Ryan Boschetti DT (Raiders, UFA), Demetric Evans DE (49ers, UFA), Shawn Springs CB (Patriots, cut) Derrick Dockery OG (Bills), Albert Haynesworth DT (Titans), Dirk Johnson P (Cardinals), David Rayner K (Bengals), Robert Thomas LB (Rams), Renaldo Wynn DE (Giants)
2009 Unsigned Free Agents
2010 Potential Free Agents
Shaun Alexander RB (cut), Khary Campbell LB (UFA), Jason Fabini OG (UFA), Justin Geisinger C (UFA), Mike Green S (UFA), Pete Kendall OG (UFA), Matthew Sinclair LB (cut), Jason Taylor DE (cut), Marcus Washington LB (cut), Rian Wallace LB (UFA)  
Jason Campbell QB, James Thrash WR, Todd Yoder TE, Stephon Heyer OT, Will Montgomery OG, Renaldo Wynn DE, Phillip Daniels DE, Kedric Golston DT (2009 RFA), Anthony Montgomery DT (2009 RFA), Rocky McIntosh LB, Carlos Rogers CB,     

Roster Breakdown
Quarterbacks Major Need

OK so they have Jason Campbell... he's actually pretty accurate if unspectacular but it seems pretty clear the Redskins will upgrade the spot if they can and probably won't make much of an effort to re-sign him next season if he continues to just be average. They don't have a lot of picks this year (5 in total) so they will have difficulty moving up to grab one of the top 2 QBs. Their best chance of landing one of Stafford or Sanchez probably lies in the unlikely event of Detroit selecting someone other than Stafford. A lot of teams between Washington and Detroit are keen on Sanchez but there doesn't seem quite the love for Stafford, there are also plenty of teams not interested in a QB so there is a chance but it's slim. Colt Brennan has flashed some pre season ability but he's not the big name Uncle Danny probably desires. So without giving up future picks it's tough to see how they could get the QB they desire. I guess trading for someone like Brady Quinn is a possibility. Most likely they'll have to make do with Campbell and perhaps draft a QB next year or pick a project type on day 2. With no second rounder it's going to be a tough process for the Skins.  

Runningbacks Minimal Need

For the time being at least Clinton Portis and Ladell Betts form a nice twosome but neither can go on forever. Even so RBs can typically step in and perform as rookies so there's not really a need for one right away. A shifty back to change up the pace and offer the threat of a breaking off the odd long run would be nice but it may have to be an UDFA pickup as they have so few draft picks.

Wide Receivers
No Need

Outside of Santana Moss no-one really has shown starting potential yet. Randle-El is and always has been best suited to being a slot guy you can use on gimmick plays. He's not really a starter. They did however, spend a 1st and a 2nd rounder on 2 rookie WRs last year, Devin Thomas and Malcolm Kelly. Between injuries and the rookie learning curve neither did anything but Washington must hope some of their potential shows up this year or next. WIth 2 early picks already invested I think it's extremely unlikely Washington will be using one of their 5 picks on a WR.

Tight Ends
No Need

Chris Cooley, what can you say. He's one of the best TEs in the league and he shows no sign of dropping off yet. Despite being double teamed a lot of last season he still returned career bests of 83 catches and 849 yards. His solitary TD was a career low though and both he and Campbell will be hoping for a return to 6+ TDs in 2008. They also spent a 2nd rounder on Fred Davis who, like the WRs suffered through learning the Pro game last year. All in all it means they won't be looking at TE in this draft either.

Offensive Line
Major Need

Jon Jansen really struggled last year and the OL on the whole was decimated by injury. Randy Thomas and Jansen are both 33 years old and Chris Samuels is 31. It's probably time to look at rebuilding this OL and they could definitely look to do that at #13 if Andre Smith or Michael Oher is still there. Jansen's lost some weight this offseason and may be able to stretch some more good play out of himself but the Skins were not happy with his play last year. Pete Kendall has not be re-signed but they've brought back Derrick Dockery to cover that. If 3rd round Guard from last year Chad Rinehart can step in at Guard, or they can find someone to play that slot in the later rounds Dockery may even be able to play RT. This is a problem position and there's not much scope to improve it with draft picks.  

Defensive Tackle
Minimal Need

Albert Haynesworth may have been the best Defensive player in the NFL over the past couple of years. Unfortunately a lot of the Redskins big money free agent signings seem to have checked in for a Talentectomy as soon as they get to town. Haynesworth is a better class of guy than they usually get and it seems likely he can make their whole DL better. That bodes well for Andre Carter who had a real down year and it bodes well for the other guys in the DT rotation. Kedric Golston is currently the best guy named Golston in the league and I think he could come in for a bigger role this year but both he and Anthony Montgomery are going to be free agents in 2010 and Cornelius Griffin is 32. It would be nice to spend a pick to address that but they just don't have the picks so they'll hope Haynesworth's presence makes a $100m difference.

Defensive End
Major Need

Andre Carter can be a good pass rusher, he just didn't do an awful lot last year. Nothing like his very good 2007 season anyhow. No-one else on the roster is really going to offer much more so this becomes the spot they probably need to use their 13th pick on. Trading down and seeing what they can get would be great, they'd love Brian Orakpo but he almost certainly won't fall that far. Rumours are they're not keen on Everette Brown and Robert Ayers might be a reach and not really a Dan Snyder type of name like Orakpo so who knows how they will go. Will they trade up for Orakpo or Sanchez? Will they go with an Offensive Tackle and hope to get themselves a pass rusher in round 3? Too many holes, not enough picks. Redskins fans are used to that.  

Linebackers Major Need

Yet another slot where they could use the help. London Fletcher shows no signs of slowing down but anyone in the NFL older than me is on borrowed time. He's their best LB too. the strong side is a particular problem and they need some there badly. It's unlikely to be THomas Davis or H.B. Blades that fills that role in any way that'd make Skins fans comfortable. On the other side Rocky McIntosh's knees may give out before London Fletcher leaves town. Again too many holes and not enough slots but any of the USC LBs might be guys they consider if they can trade down from 13.      

Cornerback Minimal Need

DeAngelo Hall and Carlos Rogers will shore up the sidelines, Fred Smoot had talent but hasn't shown it lately. Given their other needs I doubt we'll see much Secondary action on Saturday though.

Safety   Minor Need

Chris Horton was something of a find, he can make plays and hits pretty well. LaRon Landry is a good player. Horton has been burnt a few times and they were getting him off the field in passing situations at times last year but again, this is a situation they're going to have to live with unless they can find more picks. 

Specialists Minor Need

 Shaun Suisham was very disappointing last year and although they've tendered him as an RFA he'll have some competition from Dave Rayner. Punting was a dire situation last year and signing Dirk Johnson probably won't help improve it much. I'd expect another leg to come to camp with a good shot of winning the job but it's doubtful it'll be a draft pick.

Return Game
No Need

Rock Cartwright is a good kick returner but has never really been a threat to take it all the way back. Randle-El hasn't done a whole hell of a lot as a Redskin, but they'll no doubt persist with him anyway. 

Dream Day One

1.13 Brian Orakpo DE Texas

Player Visits
Mark Sanchez QB USC
Greg Toler DB St Pauls
B.J. Raji DT Boston College
Kevin Grant LB Akron

Jarron Gilbert DE San Jose State

Last Edited: 04/22/2009

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