2009 NFL Draft Round 1

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1.Detroit Lions Matthew StaffordQBGeorgia
Curt: Oh my gosh! What a shock! Matt Stafford. I think Stafford has a chance to be a Jay Cutler/Aaron Rogers type of player. he doesn't have the skill players around him for the kind of early success a guy like Matt Ryan had last year, but in time he can develop into a really good player.
Ben: I'd say the bigger thing is he doesn't have Atlanta's OL in front of him either!
Curt: Yeah, but their line isn't awful. They have one really good young tackle, and their interior isn't bad. They need a LT no doubt, but they can get them in this round.
2.St Louis Rams Jason SmithOTBaylor
Curt: I knew it would be a tackle, but there was some question whether or not they'd take Smith, who hasn't shown he can really run block in that Baylor system, or Monroe who's probably more NFL ready, but does have some legit durability issues.
Ben: Can Smith become Pace II?
Curt: I don't know. I want to see how Smith can do on a team that's going to feed their running back 25 times a game. He's certainly the best pass protector in the draft without a doubt so Bulger should be happy.
3.Kansas City Chiefs Tyson JacksonDELSU
Curt: I think this pick will send Chiefs fans into a fury. Aaron Curry is the best player in the draft at any position. A 3-4 DE who's basically a space eater, isn't a value at 3. Curry will show the Chiefs every Sunday why they should have drafted him. Kansas City fans are still doubting the Glenn Dorsey pick from last year, this will only make things worse. I am 100 miles from Kansas City and I can hear the Boos from here.
4.Seattle Seahawks Aaron CurryOLBWake Forest
Curt: When you look up "Best Player Available" this is what they meant. Did Seattle "need" Curry? Probably not. They have two really good linebackers now. But you don't pass up a guy who's the most complete linebacker in the draft, and the guy who can have the greatest impact of any defensive player in this draft. He's so underrated as a pass rusher so they will find a way to use him. Great pick.
Ben: he should be real happy. He's on what could be a good team straight away with some good players. Might not have been the case in any of the top 3.
5.New York Jets (from Cleveland)Mark SanchezQBSouthern Cal
Curt: I think this trade is great for Cleveland. Their main needs are pass rusher and running back, and they can get one at 17, and they now have 3 second round picks as well. After being on the wrong end of a trade like with Brady Quinn, they come out on this side this time. For the Jets, it is the idea that only one team has to fall in love with you and clearly the Jets are in love with Sanchez. Who's he throwing to? What about Kellen Clemmens? Could be a long year for Sanchez.
6.Cincinnati Bengals Andre SmithOTAlabama
Curt: What a good pick. All the negative press about Smith was so silly. Smith is easily the best run blocker in the draft. All someone needed to do is watch some Alabama games to see just how good he is.
Ben: With the way they ran last year this could help make Cedric Benson look half decent?
Curt: Yeah he could. Much better run blocker than Eugene Monroe who's injury concerns seem to be hurting him more than any possible character issues with Smith.
7.Oakland Raiders Darrius Heyward-BeyWRMaryland
Curt: Wow, what a reach. You would think that at some point Al Davis would read about how dense he is for living off of triangle numbers but he'll never get it. DHB is not Cliff Branch, he's not Tim Brown. He's more like Sydney Rice. Good luck with that Al. I'll never get tired of seeing Oakland bad.
Ben: I don't think I have anything to add except the words "Ashley Lelie" and to point out this is about the only pick I got right so far in my mock!
8.Jacksonville Jaguars Eugene MonroeOTVirginia
Curt: For Jacksonville, I understand why they did this. They had to add an offensive lineman, but Monroe isn't a great run blocker, and the Jags love to run the ball. He's a great pass protector for sure, but it'll be interesting to see how he holds up in the NFL, and against some big 3-4 DEs in the run game. Passing on Crabtree had to be tough.
Ben: I'm not even sure they had to add on the OL. They signed Tra Thomas who's old but still good
9.Green Bay Packers B.J. RajiDTBoston College
Curt: Raji to the Packers is a perfect fit. He's pure 3-4 NT, playing that one technique, and will immediately make those inside linebackers better. He'll command a double team on every play, and in the spot where they really struggled run defense will be much improved.
Ben: Right, every good 3-4D has a great NT. Hampton in Pittsburgh, Ngata in Baltimore...
10.San Francisco 49ers Michael CrabtreeWRTexas Tech
Curt: Awesome pick for the Niners. Crabtree had no business falling this far, and the Niners are the winners in this. You just can't pass on a guy who works as hard as Crabtree, is as talent as Crabtree, and wants to win like he does. He's as fierce a competitor as I've seen in college football in several years. He can beat the press coverage catches with his hands, and is so strong. I'm not sure if the Niners have a guy to get him the ball, but if they get it close, he'll catch it.
Ben: and Crbatree gets to stick it to Al Davis for a decade from across the Bay. Karmic pick.
11.Buffalo Bills Aaron MaybinDEPenn State
Curt: This pick doesn't make a lot of sense to me. Maybin is a great pass rusher but he's undersized. I mean undersized like hard to stay at 250lbs. He's going to get trucked against the run, and could end up a situational type player, playing pass downs only. I realize that the Bills really struggled to get to the QB, but c'mon is that how you fix it?
12.Denver Broncos Knowshon MorenoRBGeorgia
Curt: Denver never hesitates to surprise. Moreno is a really great all around player, but unless he can stop the run, I'm not sure how much help he'll be this season. I guess Denver doesn't think they can just plug in anybody and have success running the football. did Moreno play any QB in high school, because he may need to.
Ben:You know I'm sure Moreno will tear it up in Denver but with Buckhalter, Jordan, Arrington, Young, etc. did they really need another RB as much as some guys who might actually fit a 3-4 Defense?
13.Washington Redskins Brian OrakpoDETexas
Curt: Orakpo to Washington is just what the doctor ordered for a pass rush that was critically ill. Another nice value pick with a player that slipped a little. They still need to improve their offensive line so Michael Oher would have made sense here as well, but there just aren't enough good 4-3 DEs in this draft to pass on the best one.
Ben: Yeah with Haynesworth and Orakpo that's gonna make for a few more sleepless nights for Romo, McNabb and Eli.
14.New Orleans Saints Malcolm JenkinsCBOhio State
Curt: New Orleans has had to deal with bad play from their secondary for a long time, so I think anything they can do to improve it, is a good move. Jenkins is probably a free safety for them, but he's still a big upgrade over who they have now.
Ben: He gives them versatility there too. A lot of people were thinking RB here but Pierre Thomas ran for 4.8ypc.
15.Houston Texans Brian CushingOLBSouthern Cal
Curt: This is a bit of a reach pick I think, but it is born mostly out of Houston's needs They need an interior olineman, and they need a safety but there isn't either of those guys you take right here. Cushing is a real versatile guy but I'm not sure if he's a three down strongside backer or not. And there's always concern with Cushing and his ethic in the gym. It might be too good.
16.San Diego Chargers Larry EnglishDENorthern Illinois
Curt: San Diego had some pretty clear needs, but I am not sure another rush OLB is one of them, unless they are concerned about Merriman's health. Shaun Phillips can play. If Merriman isn't going to be 100 percent, then this pick makes sense, but if he is, then getting an offensive tackle or an ILB or even a 3-4 DE to replace Igor Olshansky would make more sense. I'd not even been as surpsised if they decided to draft a running back, with their top 2 both free agents next year. English is a really good player no doubt, but I'm not sold on this move as a value pick.
17.Tampa Bay Buccaneers (from NY Jets via Cleveland)Josh FreemanQBKansas State
Curt: I think for Tampa, Freeman was their guy. If you want to see how good Freeman can be, then you need to put on film from two years ago, because last year he had no skill players and it showed. He could be this year's Joe Flacco if Tampa's skiill players can hold up their end of the deal.
18.Denver Broncos (from Chicago)Robert AyersDETennessee
Curt: You have to love what Robert Ayers brings to Denver's new 3-4 defense. He's big, and beefy and plays with a lot of power. He could probably trim back a little and play LB, but I like him to beef up a little and play end. Very much a multi tasker on defense. If he can get up to around 285 he could end up the best 3-4 DE to come out of this draft(hear that KC?)
19.Philadelphia Eagles (from Tampa Bay via Cleveland)Jeremy MaclinWRMissouri
Curt: What a value pick. He and Desean Jackson? That's a scary combo. Amazing return guy, can work out of the backfield as a running back, and can work to improve the little parts of his game to polish things up, but c'mon can you go wrong with him this late? No way.
20.Detroit Lions (from Dallas)Brandon PettigrewTEOklahoma State
Curt: Curt: Pettigrew has to be viewed by the Lions as a BPA type of pick, and that the Lions are ok with Jeff Backus at LT again, and I'm ok with that philosophy. Pettigrew is a mauler in the run game, and is really underrated as a wide out. he and calvin Johnson will give Stafford a couple of huge targets. Good pick, and you have to think with Detroit picking again at 33, if they want a lineman, they will get one there. Ben: That's true, with Britton, Oher and Beatty still on the board one of them should be there at #33
21.Cleveland Browns (from Eagles)Alex MackCCalifornia
Curt: Moving down that far, and getting a guy like Mack is huge. They added a 2nd round pick, giving them 3 and they will use those to upgrade that defense. This pick will save them millions over who they'd have taken at the top of the round. Now we wait and see if Brady Quinn gets dealt. Rock solid pick.
22.Minnesota Vikings Percy HarvinWRFlorida
Curt: What a gutsy call by the Vikings. This guy is the lightning to AD's thunder. He's got a ton of things he does great, and will really help the Vikings quarterbacks. I love Harvin as a player, and is going to make their entire offense and return game so much more explosive. Now he's just got to keep his head clean, and his future is bright.
23.Baltimore Ravens (from New England)Michael OherOTMississippi
Curt: Baltimore was so shrewd to move up and get Oher. This might be the best value pick of the round. He can come in and play right tackle right out of the gate. He's got all the skills that the top 3 tackles have, and one thing you can never discount is that he's a high character young man. BPA pick in every sense of the word.
Mark: Good move by the Patriots, they're at the back end of the first round..so they don't lose much, but will now get additional picks. As for the Ravens, they aren't giving up much and they get their replacement for Ogden
24.Atlanta Falcons Peria JerryDTMississippi
Curt: I think that if Jerry had been able to stay healthy in college, he goes ten picks sooner. He's the best pass rushing interior lineman in this draft, by a pretty wide margin. Atlanta might have had other positions of higher priority, but when a guy like this falls you take him. He'll need to toughen up against the run, and stay out of the training room, but he's got great skills.
Mark: Atlanta has their offense in place It makes sense for them to work on defense now, and Jerry Peria is a solid pick at this point in the draft. Atlanta could be scary good if not this next year, then in a couple of years out.
25.Miami Dolphins Vontae DavisCBIllinois
Curt: Davis is a supremely talented. The problem is, he knows it, and that gets in his head sometimes. There's really not anything that Davis can't do, other than a little exposure in zone coverage, but it's something that can be coached up, because zone is easier to coach. He's an instant upgrade on his ability to tackle and play the run alone.
Mark: Vontae Davis is a nice pick for the fish. He's got decent size, and a great nose for the ball. He'll fit in nicely with Sporano and that system. He's a physical Corner that will help get this defense younger and faster.
26.Green Bay Packers (from Baltimore via New England)Clay MatthewsOLBSouthern Cal
Curt: I don't like this pick at all for Green Bay, especially in a trade up. He gets washed up in traffic too easy for me. I'm not even sure on that roster if they have a good spot for him. Outside I assume. They have aging CB's and OT's and they draft a lb? We'll see how this plays out.
Mark: I thought with Green Bay trading up they would go after a Corner. They aren't getting younger at that position. I'm not sold on a trade up to get Matthews. I can definitely appreciate that Green Bay is working on their defense, but I would have gone Corner here for sure. That said, Hawk and Matthews could combine for a nice LB duo in the near future.
27.Indianapolis Colts Donald BrownRBConnecticut
Mark: Donald Brown is my favorite RB in this draft, but I'm a little surprised by where he went. I didn't think Indy would pick a RB this high. They did need another back to spell Addai, I'm just surprised it was this early
Curt: Drafting Donald Brown really gives Indy a one-two punch at running back. This might surprise some, but this fits perfectly. Indy loves weapons on offense and Brown might be the best all around back in the draft.
28.Buffalo Bills (from Carolina via Philadelphia)Eric WoodCLouisville
Curt: I am guessing that the Bills are thinking they can move either Wood or Hangartner to guard, but will try and get both on the field. Wood is a real blue collar lunch pail type player and fits nice in the AFC where teams are going to throw nose tackles at the center. Nice pick, while not flashy, it should reap rewards early on.
Mark: Eric Wood is tough center. I thought for sure the Steelers would run him down, but the Bills were able to pick him up. I like Woods, and although I thought the Bills could have gone several different ways here, center was not a first round option really especially with Hangartner being signed. Surprise pick, but a solid center is always valuable.
29.New York Giants Hakeem NicksWRNorth Carolina
Mark: I was thinking Robiski or Britt, but Nicks is a solid Big receiver, and that's what Eli is used to. Nicks (as of yet) is no Burress, but with his size etc. this pick makes sense.
Curt: This pick, the position at least was a must for the Giants. Comparing Hicks to a guy like Britt, Hicks is stronger and works harder, but I don't think the Giants would have gone wrong with either guy, and he should pair up nicely with Steve Smith. The edge might have been that Hicks is a very good run blocker and they love to run the ball.
30.Tennessee Titans Kenny BrittWRRutgers
Curt: Back to back need picks at wide out. Britt is a big physical athlete. He's not going to outrun a lot of guys, but he doesn't drop passes, he blocks well, and he runs really good routes, and uses his body to get position and make plays. I'd have probably gone another way, with some real value left at other spots, but you can't complain with Britt. Heck, he's good enough, Vince Young might be able to get him the ball.
Mark: A must for the Titans. Britt is a really nice pick up. They desperately needed to find a receiver in this draft, and I'm as impressed with Britt at WR as I am anyone. Malaluga was still sitting there and I wouldn't have blamed them for going that route either, but receiver was a must, and Britt will be a nice fit.
31.Arizona Cardinals Beanie WellsRBOhio State
Curt: I think most assumed that Arizona would go after a running back, but I never thought Wells would be here. He's a little like Tim Hightower, but he's a much better player. This pick really shores up their offense, because he isn't just a situational player like Hightower. I know I haven't mentioned Edgerin James. There's a reason for that. Nice value pick here.
Mark: Dosen't make sense that the Cards go running back here. I think they really could have used an OT or Malaluga here. Wiz is an offensive coordinator, and we know he likes to pound the football, but with Hightower already there, you already have a Wells. I'm a little confused by this pick.
32.Pittsburgh Steelers Evander HoodDTMissouri
Curt: I suppose when you are the defending Super Bowl champs you don't think you have any serious needs, so you can just draft for luxury. Hood looks to make the transition to DE in the 3-4. I'm not sure Hood was a good value at 32, and they could have moved back some and probably still gotten him. Hood is more athlete than football player, and will need some time to learn how to play on the outside in the 3-4.
Mark: The Steelers REFUSE to address their offensive line. They could have and SHOULD have gone with either Beatty or Britton here. Very surprised by this pick. They did need to address their defensive line,and Hood was a nice pick at 32, but I'm shocked at the Steelers complacency across their offensive line which without a doubt is a more glaring need than their defensive line.

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