2010 NFL Draft Round 1

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Pick Team Player Position College
1.St Louis Rams Sam BradfordQBOklahoma
Curt: This was the pick we all knew was coming, and even though I think Clausen is a better prospect, drafting a QB was the right move for the Rams. More holes to fill, but this is where you start.
Ben: You've got to grab a franchise QB when you have the chance. Never know for sure when it'll come around again
2.Detroit Lions Ndamukong SuhDTNebraska
Curt: The best overall player in the draft regardless of position and a dominant physical force. His manhandling of Colt McCoy in the Big 12 title game was great, but it had better not be his last great one. The Lions defense is much better today especially against the run. Great pick for them, and my pick for them for sure.
Ben: Well I guess we can officially lay the ghost of Matt Millen to rest.
3.Tampa Bay Buccaneers Gerald McCoyDTOklahoma
Curt: What a great pick for Tampa. Not just because McCoy is an amazing player and going to remind Bucs fans of Warren Sapp, but because he's a great young man, and is going to work his butt off. Easy pick for Tampa and a great one.
4.Washington Redskins Trent WilliamsOTOklahoma
Curt: Williams has been a victim of moving all over the place so it's tough to get any decent film on him from 2009. You look at him from the year before at RT and you see a great player technique wise who needs to get meaner and stronger. Not sure if I take him ahead of Okung, but if he fits the Skins system, than he's their guy for sure.
Ben: If Shanny and Co go for Williams over Okung I won't argue with them. Those guys know the linemen that fit their system.
5.Kansas City Chiefs Eric BerrySTennessee
Curt: It was Berry or Russell Okung here and Berry is the more risky pick, but his upside and the impact he could have on the game is huge. He's a Troy Polamalu type of impact player and we've all seen what happens to the Steelers D when he's off the field. I don't think he's way ahead of Earl Thomas but he's a tremendous player no doubt. If they had only kept Bernard Pollard, they wouldn't have needed him.
Ben: ...and there goes my mock draft! I think it's a good pick for the Chiefs. They need to protect Cassell better but they just have nothing on D.
6.Seattle Seahawks Russell OkungOTOklahoma State
Curt: This was a real steal for the Seahawks. They had to hope they'd get Okung, but didn't really think it would happen. Okung is a natural LT and an intense player. I don't put him in the elite range in terms of past OT prospects, but he's an exceptional pass protector and will be a great fill in for Walter Jones.
7.Cleveland Browns Joe HadenCBFlorida
Curt: Haden the most physical corner I've seen in several years. he's all football player make no mistake about it. In a couple of years, when you are talking best corners in the league, don't be shocked when Haden is in that discussion. Great pick for Cleveland.
Ben: Just goes to show the Combine don't mean much.
8.Oakland Raiders Rolando McClainILBAlabama
Curt: I honestly think this is way too early for McClain. I like him as a player but I don't think he's a top ten pick. At some point his inconsistent effort is going to show itself on the field and Raider fans will go Leonidis on his buttocks. I think he's a solid player for a long time, but if you think you are getting Patrick Willis you will be disappointed.
Ben: On the bright side Curt, at least it's a better pick than Darrius Heyward-Bey...
9.Buffalo Bills C.J. SpillerRBClemson
Curt: Stricly a BPA type of pick for the Bills. Spiller is not Chris Johnson. He's more Reggie Bush. If they can use him right, and keep someone to compliment him, he'll be able to help the Bills team. He'll probably have more of an impact in the return game than the run game, and for that, he's too early for me.
Ben: Bit of an odd one for me too. Billsneed some RB help for sure but they already have a good returner or 3.
10.Jacksonville Jaguars Tyson AlualuDECalifornia
Curt: The first official WTF pick of the draft. I have no sympathy for the Jags when they are bad, because they make picks like this. They needed pass rush and they didn't get it. This is the next bad first round pick by the Jags. They should just back up the Mayflower trucks and get the Jags to LA now.
Ben: Alualu could turn out a good player but hell, he'd stand a good chance of still being around when the Jags pick next. Round 3. At least Tebow woud've got the crowds in!
11.San Francisco 49ers (From Bears via Broncos)Anthony DavisOTRutgers
Curt: Davis is a rock solid player, but his effort has been in question and I had him behind Bryan Bulaga. He's the best run blocker in the draft and if the Niners want to run more, this pick makes a lot of sense.
Ben: It's not a flashy pick and maybe they could've stayed where they were and still got him but he'll definitely strengthen the Line.
12.San Diego Chargers (from Dolphins)Ryan MathewsRBFresno State
Curt: This pick smells of desperation. I like Matthews as a player and have made that public all year. But he's not a top 12 player. Not even close. If the Chargers move up, if has to be to get an anchor like Dan Williams, not a running back. Bit of a head shaker.
I agree, with what they must have given up to get that high it's not going to leave them many options to get a NT now. Mathews may be great and fit them perfectly but there's other backs. Not so many quality NTs
13.Philadelphia Eagles (from 49ers thru Broncos)Brandon GrahamDEMichigan
Curt: I love Graham, and he's a dominant pass rusher. He's incredibly productive in college and IMO, is the top rusher in the draft. I assumed the Eagles were going to to take a safety, but Graham makes sense as well.
Ben: There was lots of talk about them trading up for Earl Thomas. I guess they liked Graham even more.
14.Seattle Seahawks (From Broncos)Earl ThomasSTexas
Curt: The Seahawks scored big here with Thomas. They have never replaced Ken Hamlin since he left, and Thomas is so much better. He's a coverage player like a corner at safety. In fact I'll say he's the second best coverage player in the draft. If Brandon Graham isn't the DROY, it might be Thomas.
Ben: Pete Carroll must be the luckiest man in football! 2 real difference makers, both of whom I think fell further than they should.
15.New York Giants Jason Pierre-PaulDESouth Florida
Curt: I love the potential of Jason Pierre-Paul but make no mistake, he's a work in progress. But the Giants love guys like him who can chase down the QB.and JPP can flat get after it. He's probably not ready to start this year, but he'll be playing right away and playing at a high level. So much upside.
Ben: ..could mean a trade involving Osi is imminent. Or could just be protection against Kiwi being a free agent in 2011
16.Tennessee Titans Derrick MorganDEGeorgia Tech
Curt: Here's my bust alert with Morgan. I question his effort very much. And I don't think he can play on the right side, because he can't beat elite LTs. Bryan Bualga got owned by Brandon Graham, and did own Derrick Morgan. Nice player, but not a great one.
Ben: I wonder if JPP was higher on their board? Everyone wants Kearse Part Deux. Maybe it's Morgan. Good name anyway ;)
17.San Francisco 49ers (From Panthers)Mike IupatiOGIdaho
Curt: The Niners really must be worried about their offensive line. Iupati is a great guard prospect, but not the best in the draft. Taking him over Clausen will haunt them. Keep an eye on this.
Ben: Alex Smith will be doing Cartwheels for 2 reasons with that pick!
18.Pittsburgh Steelers Maurkice PounceyCFlorida
Curt: Pouncey is the best interior line prospect in this draft. The Steelers have a rich tradition of centers and that's been gone for a time. Pouncey hopes to bring that back. He can play guard and center at a high level and could start at one of 3 spots on the line from day one.
Ben: Typical Steelers pick. Not flashy, solid. They were supposed to covet Eric Wood at 30 last year and both he and Alex Mack went much earlier.
19.Atlanta Falcons Sean WeatherspoonOLBMissouri
Curt: Spoon is a really talented player and should be in instant upgrade for the falcons defense. He doesn't do anything exceptional but does it all well, and can play any linebacker spot. Be ready falcons fans, because he's going to run his mouth...a lot.
20.Houston Texans Kareem JacksonCBAlabama
Curt: The Texans pass on Kyle Wilson for Jackson. He's a press man guy, and has played at a high level against SEC wide outs. Kyle Wilson did it against much lesser competition. Jackson is a great player and a really nice pick for Houston.
Ben: Jackson's been getting a lot of press lately so maybe it's not surprising to see him here. But I was still expecting Kyle Wilson to go ahead of him.
21.Cincinnati Bengals Jermaine GreshamTEOklahoma
Curt: Love this pick for the Bengals. Gresham is as good a TE prospect as there has been in the last 5 years. He can block and he can dominate the middle of the field. To quote Bob Costas from Baseketball, as Carson Palmer, "you think you are excited, check out these nipples.". Great pick.
Ben: Eww... Will the Bengals actually start throwing to a TE now then?
22.Denver Broncos (from Patriots)Demaryius ThomasWRGeorgia Tech
Curt: What Denver taking Thomas means is really two things. One the Broncos front office isn't too bright. YOu deal Marshall for a 2, and waste a 1 on Thomas. A guy who runs exactly one route and doesn't run it great. Huge reach here, but it does make me feel vindicated that Dez Bryant isn't as great as many believe.
Ben: Well that was not who I expected to be the first wideout off the board!
23.Green Bay Packers Bryan BulagaOTIowa
Curt: Love Bulaga to the Packers. He spent the whole year either sick or recovering. fact is, he's going to put on his helmet and play hard every week and when you live up across from him, you better pack a lunch because he's going to make it a long day for you.
Ben: I'd almost forgotten about Bulaga. This is a really nice pick for the Packers considering they have 2 good but injury prone starters at Tackle. Did I mention they're old too?
24.Dallas Cowboys (from Eagles thru Broncos and Patriots)Dez BryantWROklahoma State
Curt:Most shenanigans as the Cowboys go up to get Dez Bryant. I've always laughed at the comparisons to Michael Crabtree because he doesn't have those skills. He'll be a really nice addition to the Cowboys receivers. The thing is, he'll make the remarkable catch and drop the easy one. He'll break your heart.
Ben: and finally Bryant finds his perfect landing spot. Dallas. Roy Williams, your days are probably short in Dallas.
25.Denver Broncos (from Ravens)Tim TebowQBFlorida
Curt: Another WTF pick, not just because it's Tim Tebow, but because he's taken ahead of Jimmy Clausen. I've written en entire article about Tebow and his future in the NFL so I won't go on about him. Great kid, I'm sure, but not Jimmy Clausen. I hope Clausen plays with a huge chip on his shoulder for all this and kills.
Ben: I'm sayin nothin cos I don't wanna go to hell.
26.Arizona Cardinals Dan WilliamsDTTennessee
Curt: What a great value pick here. Best NT prospect in the draft and with so many 3-4 teams picking, he should have been long gone. The Cardinals have lost a lot of defensive players, and getting Williams instantly makes this defense much better.
Ben: Agreed, We had Williams ranked much higher than this and the Dolphins were probably hoping he'd fall to 28. No such luck for them.
27.New England Patriots (from Cowboys)Devin McCourtyCBRutgers
Curt: McCourty is a big measureables guy, but no ball skills. Not a guy I'd have put as a Patriots type of player. His coverage is a little raw and he's not as fast on the field as he is in shorts. Looks like a bit of a reach pick especially with some elite pass rushers still there.
Ben: At least they finally made a pick!
28.Miami Dolphins (from Chargers)Jared OdrickDTPenn State
Curt: Love Odrick to the Dolphins. A natural 3-4 DE prospect and will start early on. Remind me of the Steelers taking Ziggy Hood last year. Really productive athlete and a perfect fit for that scheme.
Ben: Again someone I thought had a chance to go earlier but with all these 3-4 teams at the tail end of the draft he was bound to get snapped up.
29.New York Jets Kyle WilsonCBBoise State
Curt: Kyle Wilson finally comes off the board to the Jets. Seems they have positions they needed more, and the talent was there to get them, including rush OLB. But there are lots of wide outs to cover so you need a lot of corners. As a nickle CB, his ball skills will be highlighted.
30.Detroit Lions (from Vikings)Jahvid BestRBCalifornia
Curt: I have said all along Kevin Smith even healthy isn't an every down starting RB. Best is as explosive a player as their is in this draft, and a better inside runner than CJ Spiller. Great move here for the Lions and a great pick.
Ben: The Lions are really starting to turn this franchise around with some solid picks the last couple of years. Could still use some OL help but it's starting to come together.
31.Indianapolis Colts Jerry HughesDETexas Christian
Curt: Hughes is a great pick for the Colts. He'll be part of that rotation at end right away and won't take long to replace one of them. And the fact that he has no regard for the people he plays against and that's a good thing. So explosive and powerful will really help that defense.
Ben: Similar in size and pass rush ability to Robert Mathis, though Hughes might be even better in a 3-4 the Colts should be able to get lots out of him.
32.New Orleans Saints Patrick RobinsonCBFlorida State
Curt:Robinson in the first is a bit of a reach. Great feet and at times looks like a world beater and others just gets beat. They had positions of need and players that fit those needs and they didn't take them. Makes no sense to me.
Ben: ...and that ladies and gentlemen wraps up our first day of Draft Coverage. It's going to take me most of the night to figure out how many picks the Patriots have now. Expect to see even more tradeups tomorrow!

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Kyle Bosworth OLB
Tony Washington OT
Scott Ravanesi P
Thaddeus Lewis QB

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