2009 NFL Draft Round 3

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Pick Team Player Position College
65.New York Jets (from Lions)Shonn GreeneRBIowa
Greene will make a nice complimentary player for the aging Thomas Jones.
66.St Louis Rams Bradley FletcherCBIowa
Fletcher probably got overdrafted based on measureables, but when it comes to corners this always happens.
67.Kansas City Chiefs Alex MageeDTPurdue
Getting Magee sort of makes going after Tyson Jackson look like a reach, because Magee is going to project to the same position
68.Chicago Bears (from Seattle)Jarron GilbertDTSan Jose State
Chicago builds their team along the line and Gilbert should really help if Tommie Harris isn't healthy. Might turn out to be a huge bust but you have to try on an athlete like Gilbert.
69.Dallas Cowboys (from Cleveland)Jason WilliamsOLBWestern Illinois
Williams is a scary good athlete. Is he a good football player? I'm not sure, but he can chase and catch people and tackle. If they can find his spot, he could excel.
70.Cincinnati Bengals Michael JohnsonDEGeorgia Tech
Johnson fell like a stone, and it's because his numbers didn't approach his hype. In Cinci he's going to have to be a situation rush end, and should do well in that role.
71.Oakland Raiders Matt ShaughnessyDEWisconsin
Shaughnessey hasn't really impressed me as a football player. Decent athlete, but doesn't really have an NFL position.
72.Jacksonville Jaguars Terrance KnightonDTTemple
Knighton is a giant man, and solid athlete but weak at the point of attack and will struggle as a NT at the next level. Reach pick for sure.
73.Jacksonville Jaguars (from Green Bay via New England)Derek CoxCBWilliam & Mary
Back to back head scratchers for me. perhaps the Jags have seen something in Cox that they can't live without, but I am not sure what that would be. Maybe he's a really good dancer.
74.San Francisco 49ers Glen CoffeeRBAlabama
I am not a Glen Coffee fan. I think there are plenty of backs who could do more for them but they will never know now will they?
75.Dallas Cowboys (from Buffalo)Robert BrewsterOTBall State
Brewster is probably a guard in the NFL, but he's done more in the offseason than he ever did on the field. Played in the spread so lots of questions about his run blocking.
76.Detroit Lions (from New Orleans via NY Jets)DeAndre LevyOLBWisconsin
Levy is an interesting athlete who might not be ready to start right away, but might not have a choice.
77.Houston Texans Antoine CaldwellCAlabama
Pulled a nice value player with caldwell. He's all center but should work in nicely to their rotation
78.San Diego Chargers Louis VasquezOGTexas Tech
Interior line was certainly a need and Vasquez is a solid prospect.
79.Pittsburgh Steelers (from Broncos)Kraig UrbikOGWisconsin
Urbik is a nice fit for the Steelers. Good zone blocking scheme guy, and they have to keep him inside because he doesn't work well in space.
80.Washington Redskins Kevin BarnesCBMaryland
Barnes is another measureables guy, who you hope can get coached up.
81.Tampa Bay Buccaneers Roy MillerDTTexas
The Bucs needed big bodys and Miller certainly fits the bill. MIller is a fat boy who can push that line back and command double teams.
82.Detroit Lions (from Dallas)Derrick WilliamsWRPenn State
I was expecting the Lions to bring in someone to pair up with Megatron, but I thought they'd get someone better than Williams.
83.New England Patriots (from NY Jets via Green Bay)Brandon TateWRNorth Carolina
Tate is a guy who got a lot of pub for the wrong reasons, but the Pats will find a way to fit him in, and use his explosion.
84.Pittsburgh Steelers (from Chicago via Denver)Mike WallaceWRMississippi
The Steelers return game was almost as bad as their oline, so getting Wallace who is an explosive returner makes sense. Not sure if he can contribute as a wide out or not.
85.New York Giants (from Philadelphia)Ramses BardenWRCal Poly
Don't think you found the next Plaxico Burress because Barden is a project and will need some time to learn how to play.
86.Minnesota Vikings Asher AllenCBGeorgia
Assuming Charles Gordon can return, Allen should give them some nice depth at cornerback.
87.Miami Dolphins Patrick TurnerWRSouthern Cal
Turner is a big target and with the Dolphins cluster of mighty mites, he'll need to get a lot better in a hurry.
88.Baltimore Ravens Lardarius WebbCBNicholls State
Webb is probably going to have to keep his spot initially on special teams while he finds a position on defense.
89.Tennessee Titans (from New England)Jared CookTESouth Carolina
Super Steal here. Cook is a serious weapon in the passing game.
90.Atlanta Falcons Christopher OwensCBSan Jose State
Owens is a decent prospect, but tries to be more physical than his size will allow.
91.Seattle Seahawks (from NY Giants via Philadelphia)Deon ButlerWRPenn State
Probably got the better of the two Penn State wide outs. Nice speed and explosion.
92.Indianapolis Colts Jerraud PowersCBAuburn
Powers is a nice fit for Indy, because he is made for the Cover 2. Good run defender as well.
93.Carolina Panthers Corvey IrvinDTGeorgia
Irvin looks to be a nice rotational player in that Panthers interior line. Probably not a starter.
94.Tennessee Titans Ryan MoutonCBHawaii
Mouton isn't going to worry any starters in the Titans secondary. A little small and not too fluid.
95.Arizona Cardinals Rashad JohnsonSAlabama
I reckon Rashad Johnson is insurance in case they can't get Adrian Wilson re-signed. I'm not a huge fan, but he'll be serviceable.
96.Pittsburgh Steelers Keenan LewisCBOregon State
With some questions at CB and S Lewis makes sense. he could probabaly play either position.
97.New England Patriots (Compensatory)Tyrone McKenzieOLBSouth Florida
McKenzie certainly looks the part of a Patriot. Lunch pail type player, works hard, makes plays, all that.
98.Cincinnati Bengals (Compensatory)Chase CoffmanTEMissouri
Coffman this late is a nice steal. he's still healing but he'll give them another weapon in the passing game.
99.Chicago Bears (Compensatory)Juaquin IglesiasWROklahoma
Iglesias is a nice possession type player for the Bears. He can get separation and makes tough catches. Not flashy but very productive.
100.New York Giants (Compensatory)Travis BeckumTEWisconsin
Beckum is a solid pick for the Giants. Won't block, but makes a nice big target for Eli manning.

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Top Available Prospects
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Rob Bruggeman C
Jon Cooper C
Robby Felix C
Alex Fletcher C
Juan Garcia C
Brett Helms C
Edwin Williams C
Cecil Newton C
Kevin Akins CB
Bruce Johnson CB
Domonique Johnson CB
Wopamo Osaisai CB
Ryan Palmer CB
Lydell Sargeant CB
Jahi Word-Daniels CB
Mark Parson CB
DeAngelo Willingham CB
Michael Bennett DE
Ian Campbell DE

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