2010 NFL Draft Round 3

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Pick Team Player Position College
65.St Louis Rams Jerome MurphyCBSouth Florida
Ben: Cornerback is a big need for the Rams and Murphy fits nicely into this range too. Another solid pick for the Rams.
66.Detroit Lions Amari SpieveyCBIowa
Ben: Like the Rams, Cornerback is a big need for the Lions as well. We have several guys ranked ahead of Spievey so he looks a bit of a reach to us but CB is a bit of a crapshoot. It seems Jon Gruden is a BIG fan.
67.Tampa Bay Buccaneers Myron LewisCBVanderbilt
Ben: ...and one of them was Myron Lewis who is one of the bigger corners in the draft. Back to back to back Corners.
68.Kansas City Chiefs Jon AsamoahOGIllinois
Ben: I still think the Chiefs need to find a Left Tackle (few chances left now) but Asamoah should plug in a Guard slot right away and it might mean Brian Watters playing Center. The Chiefs OL actually finished up 2009 playing pretty well but this should make them better.
69.Oakland Raiders Jared VeldheerOTHillsdale
Ben: Veldheer is massive but Curt is a big fan and the Raiders might have just picked another good player. Shocking huh?
70.Baltimore Ravens (From Seahawks thru Eagles and Broncos)Ed DicksonTEOregon
Ben: Man the Ravens just keep doing it. Newsome finds the guy who should replace Todd Heap longterm.
71.Green Bay Packers (From Browns thru Eagles)Morgan BurnettSGeorgia Tech
Ben: Great move by the Packers, could be a guy to remind them of Darren Sharper and fills another need on what is turning into a seriously good Defense.
72.Buffalo Bills Alex CarringtonDEArkansas State
Ben: Carrington is a guy Curt really likes as a 3-4DE. Hard working, tough... Good pick from the Bills as they look to rebuild.
73.Miami Dolphins John JerryOGMississippi
Ben: We have Jerry as a Guard so it looks like Ritchie Incognito may have some competition in camp from Jerry.
74.Jacksonville Jaguars D'Anthony SmithDTLouisiana Tech
Ben: The Jaguars finally get another pick and again they pick a Defensive Lineman probably a round too early again. If the Jags have any fans left at this point you are brave people.
75.Chicago Bears Major WrightSFlorida
Ben: The Bears draft yet another Safety. Wright is a thumper who's been climbing draft boards and could quickly become a fan favourite. But with all those Safeties not panning out I wonder who the heck is coaching them sometimes
76.New York Giants Chad JonesSLSU
Ben: This doesn't say a huge amount for the prognosis on Kenny Phillips.
77.Tennessee Titans Damian WilliamsWRUSC
Ben: Finally Williams goes off the board. I Know Curt rates Williams higher than first rounder DeMaryius Thomas so we think the Titans got a great steal here. Should make for another nice target for Vince Young following on from 2009 pick Kenny Britt's good rookie showing. Nice work Titans.
78.Carolina Panthers Brandon LaFellWRLSU
Ben: Carolina may not have many picks but they're making really good use of them. We ha LaFell as a borderline late first round/early second round grade so getting him in the mid 3rd is excellent. My only quibble is that they DESPERATELY need to improve their DT situation. But WR was a big need too.
79.San Diego Chargers (From 49ers)Donald ButlerILBWashington
Ben: Had a good Senior Bowl and the Chargers must have been very impressed to trade up for him as well. But to me the Chargers still need a Nose Tackle and I'm surprised it was Butler they traded up for, not Cam Thomas.
80.Denver Broncos J.D. WaltonCBaylor
Ben: We have Walton as the second best Center prospect in this draft but he might be the best pure Center guy. As I mentioned earlier when the Broncos picked Asamoah they really need a Center. Walton probably could start straight away. Nice pick.
81.Houston Texans Earl MitchellDTArizona
Ben: A very athletic Defensive Tackle Mitchell may be a bit of a reach but it's a big need position for Houston.
82.Pittsburgh Steelers Emmanuel SandersWRSMU
Ben: This probably signals the end of Limas Sweed's career in Pittsburgh. Last year I thought the Steelers reached for Mike Wallace. Sanders looks like another reach in the third round too. But they were right about Wallace.
83.Atlanta Falcons Corey PetersDTKentucky
Ben: The Falcons are facing a probably lengthy suspension for Babineaux and Peria Jerry is coming off an injury so DT was always going to be a position they looked at in the draft. Corey Peters was a guy they had in for a visit. The obviously liked what they saw.
84.Cincinnati Bengals Jordan ShipleyWRTexas
Ben: When I see the Steelers pick Sanders then 2 picks later the Bengals take Shipley it's a DOH moment. Carson Palmer will be a very happy man with this draft. Shipley gets a chance twice a year to make the Steelers look stupid for passing on him.
85.Cleveland Browns (From Patriots thru Raiders)Colt McCoyQBTexas
Ben: I might not be a big fan of McCoy's NFL ability but hey, you can't argue with the value here. Nor Holmgren's ability to hire guys who get the best out of developing QBs. McCoy at the worst should be a good career backup so for mid to late 3rd round, that'd be pretty good anyway. Could be a match made in heaven though.
86.Philadelphia Eagles (From Packers)Daniel Te'o-NesheimDEWashington
Ben: I think this guy's a nice pick... until you take into account trading for Darryl Tapp and drafting Brandon Graham. It's going to be a crowded competition in training camp. Mind you, 4 pass rushers is better than 1. Still other needs should have been more pressing.
87.Denver Broncos (From Eagles)Eric DeckerWRMinnesota
Ben: I still think there's better guys left at WR than Decker but the Broncos really did need more than one pick at WR after losing Brandon Marshall. The Patriots offense that McDaniels is implementing always worked well with a large group of average to above-average WRs and having lost Marshall that may be the way they have to go.
88.Arizona Cardinals (From Ravens)Andre RobertsWRThe Citadel
Ben: And this is one of the WRs we have rated higher than Decker and Sanders. The Cards operate something of a revolving door policy at WR developing guys who have 1000 yard seasons then leave. That could happen with Steve Breaston next year too so it's always good for them to have a player to bring through. Roberts is a small school guy so he probably needs the time.
89.Carolina Panthers (From Cardinals thru Patriots)Armanti EdwardsQBAppalachian State
Ben: For everything good I said about the Panthers first 2 picks, this one pretty much stinks. Unless they can pack 120lbs on Edwards and have him play DT I don't know what they're thinking with him. Maybe they'll convert him to WR or maybe they fancy some Wildcat stuff? Who knows but this seems a big reach to me.
90.New England Patriots (From Cowboys)Taylor PriceWROhio
Ben: Another typical Patriots guy. This could be a look to Randy Moss leaving next year. Not that Price could replace Moss but he would be one of those average-above average WRs like the Pats used to use.
91.San Francisco 49ers (From Chargers)Navorro BowmanOLBPenn State
Ben: I'm not really sure how well Bowman fits in with San Francisco. It also doesn't say much for Scott McKillop who they drafted last year. I guess we are in the 3rd round though. Bowman covers well but isn't so good run stuffing. It's good value but I have my doubts about the position he may be asked to play.
92.Cleveland Browns (From Jets)Shawn LauvaoOGArizona State
Ben: This is a nice solid pick for the Browns. Lauvao should be a candidate for the RG position, though more likely he'll be depth for the moment.
93.Kansas City Chiefs (From Vikings thru Texans)Tony MoeakiTEIowa
Ben: Moeaki's never going to be Tony Gonzalez and personally I think there's better guys left out there but Moeaki has been getting some good noises of late. He'll need to overcome injury problems.
94.Indianapolis Colts Kevin ThomasCBUSC
Ben: Could help fill a need for them but I feel like there may be better guys out there still.
95.New Orleans Saints Jimmy GrahamTEMiami
Ben: Nice pick up. Between Shockey's injuries and David Thomas being a free agent Graham gets chance to develop (which he needs) and the Saints cover their bases for 2011. Upside on Graham is sky high.
96.Cincinnati Bengals (Compensatory selection)Brandon GheeCBWake Forest
Ben: Ghee is a guy we're really high on. Bengals continue a very very strong draft.
97.Tennessee Titans (Compensatory selection)Rennie CurranOLBGeorgia
Ben: This gives the Titans someone to develop under Will Witherspoon but the chances of Curran making you forget Keith Brooking are slim to none.
98.Atlanta Falcons (Compensatory selection)Mike JohnsonOGAlabama
Ben: Johnson should get a chance to be the latest guy off the Falcons OL production line. Great situation to land in and it's a need for the Falcons too. Nice pick.

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Thaddeus Lewis QB

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