2013 NFL Draft Positional Rankings-Offensive Tackles

1.  Taylor LewanMichigan Grade-1st  Round

2. Luke Joeckel, Texas A&M Grade-1st Round

3. Jake Matthews, Texas A&M Grade-1st Round

4.   D.J. Fluker, Alabama Grade-2nd Round

5.  Eric Fisher, Central Michigan-2nd Round

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Pre-Season 2012 NFL Draft Positional Rankings


1.Andrew Luck, QB Stanford(jr.)
2.Nick Foles, QB Arizona
3.Ryan Lindley, QB San Diego State
4.Landry Jones, QB Oklahoma(jr.)
5.Matt Barkley, QB USC(jr.)
6.Kellen Moore, QB Boise State
7.Tyler Wilson, QB Arkansas
8.Terrelle Pryor, QB Ohio State
9.John Brantley, QB Florida
10.Ryen Tannehill, QB Texas A&
11.Kirk Cousins, QB Michigan State
12.Brandon Weeden, QB Oklahoma State
13.Robert Griffin, QB Baylor
14.Geno Smith, QB West Virginia(jr.)

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Predicting all the Bowl Games

Let's roll through the Bowls, all 35 of them, in chronological order (maybe). I'm going to lay out who's playing in each one and then make a prediction on who'll win. Yet again I'll point out if I put money on my own predictions my kids would starve. I heartily recommend that you don't base anything financial on my predictions!

 New Mexico Bowl
 Who: BYU vs. UTEP
 Winner: BYU

 uDrove Humanitarian Bowl
 Who: Northern Illinois vs. Fresno State
 Winner: Fresno State

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Updated 2010 NFL draft positional rankings


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Saturday College Football Game of the Week Breakdown (and some other crap)

I'd say most agree that this week's game of the week is No.1 ranked Alabama traveling to play the no.19 South Carolina.  I just happen to disagree.  Yes, the Gamecocks are better, but this Alabama team is scary good.  I saw the line on this game was 10.  No way the Gamecocks keep it that close.

We are going to get to see some really great running backs in this game.  And for Mark Ingram and Trent Richardson it could be a huge day.  Unfortunately for South Carolina's Marcus Lattimore, he's going to have to run into guys like Crimson Tide defensive lineman Marcel Dareus (who looked like a top 5 pick against Florida), LBs Dont'a Hightower, and Nico Johnson and Safetys Mark Barron and Robert Lester.  As good as he may be, it's going to be a long day.

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Heisman Frontrunners: Week 2 Edition

Two weeks into the college football season, and I suppose it's time to offer up the 5 guys I think are the frontrunners for the Heisman Trophy.  Probably no real suprises here, except maybe one.

1. Kellen Moore QB Boise State - My preseason pick and I am sticking with him.  Showed all the skill and poise expected of him in the preseason.  Only one game in the books, but I expect his stats to go through the roof.

2. Terrell Pryor QB Ohio State - Won a big game against Miami and put up huge numbers doing it.  I don't consider him the most outstanding player in the country, but if they win out, he'll almost certainly be the reason and that gets him the gold.

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College Football Preview - Week 2

This week's edition of the college football preview has me a little sad.  Why?  Because I never like picking against teams I like, especially my beloved Oklahoma Sooners.  I had Sooner (and Pittsburgh Steeler) crib sheets for crying out loud.  But this weekend, there's a big fat stack of premier matchups, I mean a big fat stack.  For this week's preview, I am going to look at 4 games that I can't imagine any real college football fan missing.

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Best of the Bunch-Defensive Line Edition

I decided this year to take a little different approach to ranking defensive lines.  On one hand you could look at stats, which is what I see a lot of pundits do.  Defenses that don't allow a lot of rush yards per game get a nod.  You could think about the potential NFL millionaires along the line, or you can look at the ability to rush he passer.  This year, I really only had 2 lines to consider and what it ultimately came down to for me was star power. 

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Best of the Bunch: Wide Receivers/Tight Ends

Wide outs/Tight Ends has become increasingly more challenging to rank for a couple of reasons.  One is the fact that fewer and fewer college teams utilize the tight end in the passing game like they should.  Another is these spread offenses.  Spread passing games can mask minimal talent with the scheme, and spread running games can misuse talented players.  I used to put much more emphasis on the tight end and penalize teams that didn't have a receiver at the spot, but while there are still some teams that do it on my list, I won't automatically discount a team that doesn't.  One thing I do demand is some top end talent.  So when I look at the 4 teams I think are the real elite, the University of Houston and their wonky pass offense won't be a part of it.  I am just not sure you couldn't plug in the 3rd best wide out from any of the teams i

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Pre-Season Top 10, er uhm 25ish poll and National Championship Prediction and stuff...

Parity in college football has created two things.  First is a strong push toward a playoff system (which I will talk about in another article), and second it means the importance of the first poll of the year is greater than ever.  Where you start the season is tough to take away from you, if you win, but if you get a crappy draw opening week, how far you can climb is going to be limited.  You all know I don’t ever do a real Pre-Season Top 25, mainly because it’s just not that big of an issue.  Odds are, a team in the first top ten will win the title, so beyond ten, it’s a serious climb to a BCS birth beyond a Conference Title.  So without further ado, my Pre-Season Top Ten, all the rest in whatever order, and my National Championship Prediction sure to go wrong.

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2012 Draft
Player Pos Pick NFL Team
Olivier VernonDE 72Dolphins
Sean SpenceOLB 86Steelers
Lamar MillerRB 97Dolphins
Travis BenjaminWR 100Browns
Tommy StreeterWR 198Ravens
Brandon WashingtonOG 200Eagles
Marcus ForstonDT
Jacory HarrisQB
Chase FordTE

2011 Draft
Player Pos Pick NFL Team
Orlando FranklinOG 46Broncos
Brandon HarrisCB 60Texans
Leonard HankersonWR 79Redskins
Demarcus Van DykeCB 81Raiders
Allen BaileyDT 86Chiefs
Colin McCarthyILB 109Titans
Richard GordonTE 181Raiders
Matt BosherK 192Falcons
Graig CooperRB
Damien BerryRB

2010 Draft
Player Pos Pick NFL Team
Jimmy GrahamTE 95Saints
Darryl SharptonILB 102Texans
Jason FoxOT 128Lions
Dedrick EppsTE 235Chargers
Javarris JamesRB
Sam ShieldsWR
Matt PiphoOT
Eric MoncurDE

2009 Draft
Player Pos Pick NFL Team
Spencer AdkinsILB 176Falcons
Bruce JohnsonCB

2008 Draft
Player Pos Pick NFL Team

2007 Draft
Player Pos Pick NFL Team

2006 Draft
Player Pos Pick NFL Team

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