2013 NFL Draft Positional Rankings-Tight Ends

1. Tyler Eifert, Notre Dame Grade-1st Round

2. Zach ErtzStanford Grade-3rd Round

3. Jordan ReedFlorida Grade-3rd Round

4.  Dion SimsMichigan State Grade-3rd Round

5.  Chris Gragg, Arkansas Grade-4th Round

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NCAA Power Poll

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Best of the Bunch-Linebackers

The role of a linebacker, especially in a college defense is pretty varied depending on the system.  In some, they are pass rush specialists, in others they are hybrid defensive backs, but no matter what you call them, the middle 3(or in some cases 4) of the defense are vital for not only run stopping, but in pass defense.  It's where nearly every team's top tacklers come from, and in order to be great there must be playmakers.  This year's units all contain talented playmakers in all facets of the game.  And the 4 units I have picked were fairly easy selections and they stand well ahead of the rest of the country.

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Sunday Mail Sack

Barry in St. Louis, MO

Are you excited that the NFL is going to let us watch the All-22 camera from NFL games?

As I wrote earlier in the week, I think the league offering the All-22 footage to fans, even at a charge, is a fabulous idea. Fans will love it, they will learn so much from it, and it will open up the game to them in a whole new light. As for me personally, I touched on it in my article, I won't purchase it. Not because I don't think I'd enjoy it, because I'm sure I would. But this site and what I do is primarily college football-centric. If college football offered it, I'd sell a kidney to pay for it, but I watch the NFL as a fan, and I watch college football as a fantic. I think it's a great idea and fans will love it, but I won't be participating. As a Steelers fan, I don't want to see definitive evidence


Name an NFL team that didnt make the playoffs last year who you think will make it this year.

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College Football Pre-Season Top 25

Preseason Top 25

1. Alabama-Even with their losses, they are still so talented on both sides of the football.

2. USC-Probably a national title contender last year if not for their sanctions. Should be in the thick of it all year long.

3. LSU-Another team that took significant losses in terms of personnel but looks ready to reload.

4. Oklahoma-There are questions on both sides of the football, but you can’t deny the passing attack promises to be explosive.

5. Oregon-This ranking could change greatly if the Ducks struggle to find someone to step in for Darron Thomas at quarterback.

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Andrew Luck returns to Stanford - The Implications

I don't think anyone could have expected that Super Sophomore QB Andrew Luck would return to school for his Junior season but that is just the announcement that Luck made.  I think we were all even more shocked when in the wake of that decision former Stanford head coach and new San Francisco 49er head coach Jim Harbaugh decided to leave.  But since that announcement Luck has re-affirmed he is still going to return to school even minus his head coach.

So, I started thinking about just what this could mean for Luck and the 2011 NFL draft.  And why make this decision?

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Predicting all the Bowl Games

Let's roll through the Bowls, all 35 of them, in chronological order (maybe). I'm going to lay out who's playing in each one and then make a prediction on who'll win. Yet again I'll point out if I put money on my own predictions my kids would starve. I heartily recommend that you don't base anything financial on my predictions!

 New Mexico Bowl
 Who: BYU vs. UTEP
 Winner: BYU

 uDrove Humanitarian Bowl
 Who: Northern Illinois vs. Fresno State
 Winner: Fresno State

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BCS Bowl Predicitions

BCS Championship Game - Auburn v. Oregon
As much as we’d like to think that one of these teams is going to fall before the title game, I just don’t see it.  Auburn has a tough go in the SEC title game, assuming they aren’t spent from the Iron Bowl, they are still much more talented than South Carolina and should win this game. Oregon and Oregon State sounds good on paper, but the Beavers just don’t have enough offense to hang with the Ducks.

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My new Heisman Top 5, and the big Top Ten Power Poll

My new Heisman Top 5 starts to squarely pair up with the top teams in the country.  Sadly, there are no dark horses this year like last season.  As much as I'd love to drop some sleeper names in my list, this just isn't the year for it.

This top 5 is pretty chalk by my Heisman predictions, and I'm ok with it, so I hope you are too.  On some level you have to go with the Heisman unwritten rule of best player on the best team.  The real debate at this point is more about who the best team is I suppose.

5. Justin Blackmon WR Oklahoma State - I suppose if any guy qualifies as a sleeper it's Blackmon. He is such a good player, he just makes all the best CBs look silly week after week.

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College Football Game of the Week, and some other crap

First off, I need to apologize for not getting any content up on the site last week.  I need to apologize to my readers, as well as the great group of guys who make this site happen.  I needed to hold up my end of things and last week I did not.  Sometimes life, and by life I mean being a full time school teacher, full time graduate student as well as father and husband eats up whatever tiny remaining free time I have to actually take the thoughts and ideas I get from watching college football(which I always do), and getting them to the site.  I owe it to my regular readers and I owe it to John, Ben, and Mark, my close friends who I get to do this site with to get information out there.  

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2012 Draft
Player Pos Pick NFL Team
Andrew LuckQB 1Colts
David DeCastroOG 24Steelers
Coby FleenerTE 34Colts
Jonathan MartinOT 42Dolphins
Chris OwusuWR
Delano HowellS

2011 Draft
Player Pos Pick NFL Team
Sione FuaDT 97Panthers
Owen MarecicFB 124Browns
Richard ShermanCB 154Seahawks
Ryan WhalenWR 167Bengals
Konrad ReulandTE
Chase BeelerC
Thomas KeiserDE

2010 Draft
Player Pos Pick NFL Team
Toby GerhartRB 51Vikings
Jim DrayTE 233Cardinals
Erik LorigDE 253Buccaneers
Tavita PritchardQB
Chris MarinelliOT
Matt KopaOT
Ekom UdofiaDT
Clinton SnyderOLB

2009 Draft
Player Pos Pick NFL Team
Anthony KimbleRB
Alex FletcherC
Pannel EgbohDE
Wopamo OsaisaiCB

2008 Draft
Player Pos Pick NFL Team

2007 Draft
Player Pos Pick NFL Team
Trent Edwards QB 92Bills
Michael Okwo OLB 94Bears
Brandon Harrison DB 144Texans

2006 Draft
Player Pos Pick NFL Team
Jon Alston OLB 77Rams
Julian Jenkins DE 156Buccaneers
Baba Oshinowo DT 181Browns
T.J. Rushing CB 238Colts

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